Albion online - Strats co. the guild is not active?


Ive been on for past 3 days and no one is rarely on, i dont know why that is, mybe one other person but im usually the only one on. its getting pretty lonely in here guys.
Its not a big deal if they have added the friend system already. but i joined a guild to play with people and im all alone :confused:


That may depend on your timezone and what hours you play.


well i played for about 4 hours earlier today around 10 us/Canada pacific time.
and im on now and still no one…


Most of the people who play actively and progressed forward moved into the Strats guild; the remaining players in there are the ones truly playing casually that don’t log in daily or for very long.


well that sucks, im at tier 5 armor, and im wanting to go to yellow zones so i can get my dual daggers to tier 5, but im having a hard time trying to find people to go with. i know going alone just means probally getting ganked and trolled the whole time


sounds like you should see about switching into the pvp side of things.


I’ve gotten to where I only log on to cycle my farms and then check to see if there’s PVP with people I know, other wise I find something else to do. Sorry :frowning: Knowing that it’s going to wipe makes it difficult for me to motivated to progress that much


i would switch to pvp but i still need tier 4 gathering and crafting
and when is the wipe??


it goes live 2 or more months from now, it’s highly unlikely it’ll wipe before then.


thiknk they would wipe on launch


This is my deal. I actually sat out this beta due to my time already being at a premium right now. However, @l2Puckl, I think you can definitely count on Strats as a team being involved with Albion going forward. It’s just that this is beta.