Albion Online - Stresstest on November the 12th



I just got this Mail, seems there will be a pre beta test from the 12-14 th. I have to say I am way to hyped for this ^^

Pre-Closed Beta Stress Test
All Legendary and Epic Founders will be invited to join the test and play Albion Online as hard as they can. Your starting time will be as follows:Thursday, November 12 at 12:00UTC (1pm CET, 7:00am EST)

The stress test will last until Saturday, November 14, 10:00 UTC (11:00amCET, 5:00am EST). After this test, there will be a full wipe of all characters – no progress or items will be carried over into our official Closed Beta Test.

Please note: this two day-long test IS NOT the start of the Closed Beta!


If the people that have already been playing for the past few weeks don’t come in wiped, I wouldn’t get too excited. Yes we will get to see the world early, but we will come in to an already farmed and established economy.


Who cares? ALBION!!!


Also, in light of this fantastic news. Plan for some serious PVP Friday evening, hopefully with our new alliance! @Selwonk or @Mohomohommad or even @Auth , I will be out of town on Saturday, so if anything comes up hopefully you can take the pvp reigns for the weekend and carry our name to victory!


I have to agree, we should use this to explore as many of the new mechanics as possible so we are prepared for the 23rd :smiley:


Yeah this is awesome. Im going to pvp a lil but mainly Figure out the direction i want to go As of Weapons/Gear/Crafting and Areas that I find best for farming xp/resourses and pvp along the way. For a good headstart on the 22nd or w.e it is.
Which I think most of us should do bc having these 2 days to do so lets us have a full game plan on what to do right out the gates of closed beta instead of wasting time looking at the Skill Tree and thinkink “what do i want to do”


People, we need screenshots of everything: map, Destiny Board, gear, literally anything you discover and can snag a screenshot of will make things that much better as we plan for Beta and Live :wink:


i’ll just leave this here, courtesy of TITANS :wink:


Also, will have some important stuff to throw out tomorrow, stay tuned :smile:


my client updates then it doesn’t stay updated and goes back to version 0…and when i got it to launch once it was the normal screen…i am redownloading the client now as it might have changed for the stress test :confused:


These guys goin to make me have to upgrade from epic to legendary to play a few hours earlier for the pre head start… head start lol. I have a meeting i gotta go to at 10am cent time so i wont be running right out of the gates sadly but should be on around 1130am. We should def have a mumble meeting tomorrow? We planning anythign with our alliance @Auth.


I sorta want to stream Albion when i play it for the 2 days and re watch it once its over to go over everything but I dislike how people can snipe u and u have to be careful what u say or others say in voice chat bc of viewers. I know thats what happend to Drizs the lime like dreamer. Is there a stream thing like twitch where i can set up so only certain people aka alliance/strats members just able to watch? and not make it public?


Nothing like that I’m aware of, but you could record everything with OBS rather than stream it and upload important bits to dropbox or youtube for folks after the fact.


Ah ok that is what ill do then [redacted by Auth]


Seems like the Linux Client is broken…


So, after learning new information from a magical source of unicorns. My fears are all gone for thursday. Everyone will be wiped wednesday night and we will all start fresh :smile:





I downloaded the stress test client here:

Worked for mac and I am in the game…not playing but I am on! Guild has not been made yet from what I can see…


The PVE side may or may not do a ton in this test other than poke around given the focus of the guild and all; I have no idea what @Cracka08 and the Titans alliance are going to be up to.

I, for one, don’t have the time this weekend (especially on the short notice they gave) to do much, though I will be logging on and checking some stuff out at some point. The 23rd will be much different :wink:


Yeah, I probably will just want to make sure peripherals and hardware work, and check out the theory crafting of some stuff…