Albion Online Summer Alpha Discussion



Ok guys, since I wanted to keep the Summer Alpha Timeline thread clear of clutter, I’m making this one open to discussions, questions and planning! So lets work on seeing who all plans on playing the Summer Alpha and start making a game plan. Got any questions you can always contact me!

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So while roaming around the internet finding information for my first part of my “tutorial” on Albion Online I was looking up Albion gathering skills on google, and saw there’s a link to strats on the first page of google.


Very nice. If we keep content up, then we will get some traffic.


Under Albion Online Recruitment we are the 4th down or so. for me at least.


Very nice. Catching games at the right time can really make a difference.


Hey guys I know I missed the tutorial for this past week, been out of town. Will be putting it up tomorrow, It’s a very important one!!


So on the forums, again, and found this gem right here, now alot of it might be gibberish to you guys that haven’t touched the game yet, however what this is, is a big amazing list of things that the developers are going to be introducing/changing from last alpha to this Summer Alpha. It is an amazing amount of information and 99% of it is amazingly great!! Please take the time to read, and see how much the creators of this game truly care about the community.


man @DrizztDo_Urden69 i want me some summer alpha man! i am ready, we need to get together and get us a plan on what we want to do in this alpha phase…i cant wait!


I agree @Droul, i just got back from my trip, got some stuff i have to do tonight, but tomorrow i will be pushing some content out, and hopefully we’ll start getting stuff set up. I haven’t been home for more then a week at a time for the past 2 months so it’s been kinda hard.


Ok so Found this while roaming around Albion Online forums, what do you guys think? Should we put in as a beginner friendly guild? I think we could easily do it but the big thing is that at first they don’t want us rejecting any beginner applications unless something is really off about that person. Check the post here and let me know what you guys think


Imo, this could be good IF we have enough members interested in being mentors. My second qualification would be that they still need to meet minimum Strat’s requirements. If that’s not acceptable for Albion’s Beginner Guild requirements, then I’d say no.


I’m always interested in teaching people my way to play.

brb going to buy this game

Edit - key purchased. Blame will be placed on @DrizztDo_Urden69 if this game sucks.


I agree with you @ghosthog but i wanna see what everyone’s opinion on this is before i apply or decide. and @teh_ninjaneer I accept that blame lol.


yea sure I am up for this… we ar a frendly guild :slight_smile:


So what’s the plan of action for when the alpha is live?

Questions I think are relevant:

  • Does the Strats guild still exist from last alpha?
  • What do we need to do to join?
  • If not, how can we help create it (e.g. gold requirement)
  • Do we need an understanding of what realm/area/etc to join?


Honestly not sure if the Guild is still there but if i bring up my launcher it still shows the guild is attached to my account.

To join I just need to be on to send out invites, and i will of course appoint officers that will be able to accept people into the guild., All strats members will automatically be accepted.

IF it’s not created don’t worry about the gold requirement I’ll take care of it.

Last alpha there was only 1 server to join, and everybody starts off in the same area, so there’s not a problem with having to travel to find one another. It would be more of which port we would want our Guild Island to be off of. Last time i had it connected to the very first town you could get to because i figured that would be the easiest way to help newer players to the game.


Sounds good. I think most people would be cool with differing to your experience on what island and other logistics of setting up the guild.

@DrizztDo_Urden69, one more thing: are we in agreement that the flagship guild will be called “Strats” and the alliance will be “Strats & Co.” (or whatever characters are allowable from that)? I’m working on an alliance post.


Yes I agree with the Strats & Co.


So I talked with some of the Forum mods and discussed being a beginners help guild. Pretty much nothing is going to change except we are going to be pushed out in their emails as a beginner friendly guild. Since right now our only requirements are to be on the forums, and we can still kick/say no if they have a bad attitude or we don’t feel they fit. They said they were going to push us in EU as well since we are listed as an international guild. I believe it would be a good thing. Just wanted to keep you guys updated.


Great idea @DrizztDo_Urden69, I think we’re a good fit for something like that.