Albion Online Summer Alpha Timeline



Ok so I know alot of people are wondering when the Summer Alpha will be going on, so here we go. From what I’ve heard, in game from some devs, the Summer Alpha will be coming out around June this year. I’m planning on keeping this thread updated with more info, so if you would like to discuss anything you can do so here.

Albion Online Summer Alpha Discussion

JUNE 29TH IS THE DATE, LET’S GET READY BOYSSSSSS. This is the official date they have right now, however it could get pushed back if they don’t feel like it’s ready to go to Alpha, which I completely agree with.


Good to see they finally settled on a date :wink:


I know right haha.


Question. Is the alpha only for PC version, or will all versions be playable during this play test?


OK so no official word on that, but it is believed that it will be all versions for this test. I’ve seen little hints around the forums.


I read something on the forums that they will not make game in browsers…you need a client to play the game.

I read on the run so didn’t see if only for alpha or they totally drop the browser

edit:ah there it is


I was more interested in the Android version. :smiley:


Awesome. Next stop for a founders pack for myself.


aa oke :slight_smile:


We gotta do the giveaway soon… i already gave @simplyundrea a code today so that’s one. Got 2 more to get rid of. But if you buy it for yourself use so i can get referrals hehe


Sorry, I just bought the legendary about 30 mins ago…


Haha, don’t worry about it, happy to have you on board!


Don’t you forget us in EU :blush:
Give us a fare fight :blush:


Lol i promise everybody will get a chance to be a part of the giveaway!! The one on the forums will be up for a couple of days to a week so we can get word out and bring some people in if possible.


Excellent can’t wait to start :blush:


I am definitely getting in on this. Especially with only being on OS as of right now, this game has my name written all over it.


Looking forward to it, look for some posts in the next couple of days


thanks for the update Drizz. i’ll be checking it out for Summer Alpha for sure.