Albion Online: The cost of crafting and why we can't all do it


So, as some of you may know we implemented an additional 15% flat tax on crafting stuff in the territory. This is because we have a lot of people not on the list of dedicated crafters bulk crafting items. We don’t want to stop everyone altogether from crafting, however we feel that a 15% tax will represent the amount of food loss for every time you craft.

I’ve said this before folks but I’ll say it again. You can NOT generalize in this game, it would take YEARS to master the crafting tree so we need specific people to craft specific things. This means that these people must be ABLE to craft things without having to worry about the amount of food in the buildings. I understand that everyone wants to craft and experience the game, and you are free to do so, however you have to understand that we are not going to let that kill the guild and put everyone else at a disadvantage.

If you want to be a dedicated crafter please sign up at Albion Online: If you like crafting read this

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When you say bulk crafting items are you referring to people trying to craft multiple things, such as all three forms (plate, leather, cloth) of armor, or trying to craft every type of weapon?

What exactly do you mean by generalize? When I initially signed up for this game, I said that I wanted to participate in all aspects: PvE, PvE, crafting and gathering. I thought that I had been rather successful thus far. I built up my own farming island with my own cash and materials and have been crafting my own gear using only the guild’s buildings (no materials). I have been putting food back into the buildings.

When people ask me what my focus is, I answer with “everything” and sometimes people quickly snap and tell me that won’t work.

My intention was to find a weapon style that I enjoy (I seem to like mace/plate or else x staff/cloth) and then focus on crafting that weapon and maybe the associated armor as well.

Is this not an acceptable style under your system?


If my experience is at all similar to others, I think a lot of people are generalizing their trees during the alpha because this is the first time they’ve played the game.

No one knows with absolute certainty what they want to specialize in yet. I think this will change later on in beta and release.

I imagine most people will be focused and beelining towards a specialization ASAP at launch.


the problem is more that we WILL loose our territories if we have everyone doing everything. We can NOT feed all the buildings if we have everyone crafting stuff, it’s that simple


Just for clarification please, you’re saying that my method is bad.


I’m saying you could generalize in a focused sense

you could say

Gather everything
Do PvE dungeons
Do PvP
Craft hammers

As an example. It’s still general but its specialized in terms of WHAT you’re crafting


I’m fine with this; it’s the plan I had once I found the weapon style I enjoy. Thanks.


THIS JUST IN: Apparently the devs will be rebalancing food. We don’t know if this is going in todays patch or later this week. Regardless this will probably mean changes to this policy.


What about a silver reward for feeding the crafting stations? It’s hard to mantain them fed for everyone, but feeding it just to craft what you need atm should be easier, and it lowers the silver expense you have with the taxes.

So why not tax + reward?


Hopefully the changes in policy will be for the better. Took this quote from the Albion forums and it sums up the game quite well for me:

Albion right now just isn’t a fun game. I want to go out, kill some people, maybe lose some gear, and not groan that here I am going to go grind silver to pay for food to craft another suit. Instead I gotta log in every X hours (and of course the most efficient food is the one of the lowest tier/fastest timers), micro-manage food and constantly being starved economically. The game has become a second job that has to be micro managed constantly. That just isn’t fun. I mean get the principle of it. You want a system where everything has value and in order to have value there has to be some work for it right? But right now things are too much work and too much value. Half my guys in my guild are darn near in revolt and want to quit and I can barely keep them at it. Everyone top to bottom’s feedback is: This game is almost so good if it just wasn’t so much damn work.


ya we are planning on adding the silver bonus for feeding the buildings. We’re gonna try to work it out so you get MOST of the silver back but it’s harder to do because of the different base costs for tiers


(edit) what about just making a cost for T3 and below? Make the prices for T3 and below items large as people can go to the newb zones and do everything cheap there. It doesn’t take that long to get to the zones, that would take away a large usage. I have not used the guild territory for any crafting, refinning or anything else except to drop off mats and i’ve been able to do a lot of my own crafting, plus donate silver to the guild and supply food from my own farms with my own silver, it may take a bit more time but it’s not terribly hard for people to contribute to the guild and to their own crafting efforts. That may be different for T4 and above im not sure as i just hit T4 leather crafting


there’s no way to set crafting fee’s per tier


oh ok, that’s too bad


@teh_ninjaneer I would not say its a bad way to play but it is a costly one. I my self was doing this a few days ago. I was doing tools gear gathering and refining but it just took me so long to do all of it. So I manage my time into guild stuff and personal stuff. For example if I want to make a tome (which I am not a dedicated crafter for) I would go out and get the stuff my self. This can cost a lot of money so I have been trying to make money of my farming which has been ok so far and making ends meet. What I am saying is try and take care of your self first (eg with the farming to make some money) then you wont have to be worrying about it. I have been selling mats because I simply cant make a living without it, and when you are doing stuff that you are not dedicated to do you can still do it. :smile: And once I made some money I was able to afford to by some other mats.

As it has been said before in the long term no one will want for anything, and no one will do any unwanted grinding.

On another note I get what you are saying with the quote, and one reason for it might be is that this is going to be a free to play game, and they are trying to encourage people to buy gold or buy the premium. (they need to make money somehow). With the part about it being work I think what they are going for is to make a scene of achievement in the game, for example when I spent ages trying to build my windmill I was so happy when I finally did it, but I understand to everyone is like this.

Another thing with the value of stuff. The point of the game is for a play driven economy and for that to be fulling in swing it will take a while some parts of it will take longer than others. For example at the start of the alpha I could sell t2 logs for 20 silver each now I can only sell them for 5 :/. I think on release it will be different after a few months, when peoples feeling towards items silver have changed.

We can only wait, watch and see how it goes.

On a personal note. I have found the game really enjoyable and all the grind I have done I have not minded. If I feel it gets a little to much of a grind, i might put the tv on and watch a movie while I chop some trees, which has made it a lot less bad.


I haven’t sold any mats at all. I don’t think I have even opened the auction house UI. I make the majority of my cash by doing the quests. Currently up to T4 and making around 700 silver per quest.

The questing system is a great way to keep up your combat and gathering skills. And it has adequately funded all my crafting and farming thus far.


Well if that works for you great. And to anyone else this would be another option.
:slight_smile: The point is we cant be giving all stuff to the guild. If I did half of my time playing would be sitting around doing notthing waiting for other people to brings stuff, which is not fun at all.


I completely agree with this. Which is why I like to be out gathering my own materials and crafting my own stuff. I enjoy fighting but not all the time. I want some downtime. And during that downtime I don’t want nor expect to be waiting on materials to come galloping in.