Albion Online Tool Request Form



Hello Friends!

Thanks to our friend @Dezmo we are bringing back a familiar form we used to order tools and accessories with! This form should be a crafters best friend once we finally get situated in game and have a few guild chests running around. After we get settled, please use this form as a means to request all tools you require to do your gathering needs!

Thank you very much!



Good to see it back…Worked well…:smile:


Yep, this one hasn’t changed much. I still need to get with marksteele on the other form to get admin rights again



Is there going to be weapon/ armor request forms?


Not sure, we didn’t really have one in alpha, though I guess we could set one up


Yeah I think marksteele made one and it was very well put together and made me realize I have work to do on working with spreadsheets. lol