Albion Online, Truly Cross Platform

Man, this is really cool. The fact that I can help out Strats from the throne makes it extra special.

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Wow, someone is actually pulling off the cross platform mmo. Wonder if they are using HTML 5.

Oh my… @DrizztDo_Urden69 my man, you may have just sold me. That is really amazing.

Haha that’s why I put this up, I thought a couple people, including you, might like this! So i don’t believe the apps have been released yet, obviously, but still I think it’s gonna be amazing.

Even checking in on a character, doing some crafting and stuff on an ipad in bed would be pretty cool.

Exactly, don’t have to boot up your comp every time, just hop on your phone and check your stuff/crops real quick, makes it so easy.

It looks to have the same functionality from mobile to PC. Nothing watered down to make it work on an IPad. That is pretty cool. I don’t think I’m “sold” yet, but I’m much closer then before.


I will have you sold before beta good sir.

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Ok so i may have been wrong, I was told you can download the phone app through the website, not on the app store. I have yet to look but that’s what I was told.

Interesting. I’m going to do a little more research on this tomorrow. May be joining you this weekend drizz

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So the game is made with Unity, and the developers have said they kept the graphics and UI simple in order to maintain the same level of performance across the board. What I like is that the control scheme actually lends itself to touch screen play while still feeling natural with M&K. Usually when you play a PC game on a tablet you get the clunky ‘put your thumbs in the corners and kinda use it like a controller’ thing.

But I was impressed with how comfortable the game is on a tablet. Tap the screen and you move to where you tapped, tap the little buttons on the right and you’re using your abilities. That’s what makes me like this on mobile, I usually hate playing games on touch screen, and it’s usually because of the controls.

Truer words have rarely been spoken. :slight_smile: I downloaded the PE of Minecraft for my daughter. You might as well use your thumb as a sword. I can not see anything else when moving about.

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I like how they said IOS was the weakest, that makes my android fanboy self happy. I’m liking this enough I’m almost considering buying a founder pack even though I don’t like the idea of paying to alpha test a game.


I’m in the same boat. I think I will be buying a founders pack for the Summer Alpha. I don’t like it but Drizz is really selling it to me hard.

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Here’s the thing. The early access to the game is only 1 aspect of the Founder’s pack, the real value is in the items you get from the pack at launch. So not only do you get to play the game before release, but when it does release you don’t have to waste your time and silver on farming materials and completing destiny achievements to be able to raise a horse, and an ox, and build a house, you have those items already thanks to the founder’s pack.

That’s really what you’re paying for, the early access is just another bonus.

The horse and the ox are obtainable in the game? So a Founder’s pack is like a head start program? What does the Founder’s armor do for you in regards to stats?

I didn’t find the founders armor to be very good. They call it “Explorers” armor or something like that. I remember the head slot gives you a stealth for a short time and the chest gives a self heal. From what I can tell it’s geared more toward allowing you to gather and travel with ease than fighting.

I swapped mine out almost immediately, but some people may like it.

Thanks for the info, I’ll look into it. I may or may not have the money currently.

I just want it to be known, the Oxe isn’t a mount to go fast, it’s a cargo carrier. It can carry hundreds of resources… but the mount speed is actualy -10%. But when you’re already so over weight you can’t move otherwise it’s pretty sweet. So it’s perfect for gatherers.