Albion Online Tutorials Part One: Destiny Board



Hey guys so we still got a few months before the summer alpha so i wanna get some information out to y’all. Instead of doing 1 huge thread with all the information I’m gonna break it down for you guys. My goal is to put out a thread weekly so that I don’t overload you guys with information all at once, and it will be easier to go back through later on if you have questions on an old topic.

Destiny Board

So the first thing I want to talk to you guys about, is the Destiny Board. So the Destiny Board is kinda like your skill tree, except that you don’t spend points in it. The game has no actual storyline quests, but it will have “challenges” at the bottom of your screen. These challenges are linked to items on your Destiny Board. As you can see in the picture above, it is quite a large board. Now Albion Online doesn’t have a level system, everything is done by Tiers. There are Tiers 1 to 8, and are represented by Roman Numerals, this includes enemies, gear, weapons, mounts, bags, potions, food, etc. In order for you to use a higher Tier, you need to earn a certain amount of Fame with the lower Tier. I understand you won’t understand all this now, but I will delve deeper into all of this later I promise!

So the Destiny Board has different categories as you can see here. Fame is your experience in Albion Online, everything you do gives you Fame, when you do certain things, like mine Sand Rock, it gives you overall fame as well as Fame towards your Mining skill. So what do you do when you first start the game? I mean you have this giant Destiny Board, and it’s quite a bit to look at.

Combat Skill Tree

Ok, combat, what everybody loves right! We all want to go in PvP and crush some noobs, I mean who doesn’t love it. So the picture shows the combat skills section, while the first picture just shows it as red. Well what does it all mean? So there are 3 combat styles in the early game, you have your melee (sword and shield), your archer, and your mage to start out with. Now as you see it branch out, each branch further out is a higher Tier. So it would take quite a while to get enough Fame, which is earned by killing NPC’s with the certain weapon you are trying to train up, to level up all of the styles of combat. So what you should do when you first start the game is pop into that Destiny Board and really read some of the outer Tier 8 combat options, see what you think you would like, and strive towards that. The options are pretty diverse and interesting. In melee one of the Tier 8 options I believe there is a Polehammer figher, which is pretty awesome. In the archery tree the favorite one that I saw was a Hammer Thrower. That starts out as a Knife Thrower at Tier 3, and then moves up to Axes and then to Hammers. The Tier 8 mage “classes” are fairly nifty as well and can really deal out damage if you go up the Arcane or Pyro trees.

Overall Fame Progression

As you can see there’s a single line going straight up the Destiny Board. This is basically your total Fame (experience) counter. As you level it up, your character will be able to use higher tier non combat items, such as mounts, bags, and food. Every time you reach the next Tier, you will unlock a new Character Photo to be able to use. It’s nothing extremely fancy, but if you pay attention you can tell how “high of a level” somebody is by their Character Photo. Everything you do will add fame to this section of the tree, whether it be combat related, gathering or crafting. Straight across from this on the bottom side of the Destiny Board, is the tutorial branch. Once you do the tutorial at the start of the game this will be filled up, it wasn’t really necessary to go into the game but it’s interesting to see, it doesn’t do much other then show you have completed the tutorial.

Crafting Skills

Everybody always loves that you get to craft your own gear right? Makes it feel more special that you made it yourself. Well this game has that, but man it will take some work. So say you got yourself “leveled” up enough that you can use Tier 3 mage equipment. Well I hope you’ve made enough Tier 2 mage equipment to unlock the ability to craft Tier 3 stuff. Sounds easy right? Trust me it takes longer then you think, especially if you wanna be able to craft the Tier items for every combat class. Just like everything else on the Destiny Board, to unlock the next tier of crafting items, you have to earn enough Fame by crafting the Tier items before it. Now how much fame per item do you get, you ask. That’s simple, for Tier 2 items, look at the number of materials needed to craft an item, and that’s how much Fame you will get for crafting that item. For Tier 3 and above it’s a bit harder because you get more then 1 fame per crafting item involved. So there are trees for crafting Melee items, Archer items, Mage items, Gathering tools, a farming/cooking branch that isn’t shown in this one, and a branch for refining materials.

Gathering Skills

Last but not least, we have the Gathering Skills branch. Probably the easiest and most self-explanatory branch on here, it quickly branches off for each gathering skill there is. Mining, woodcutting, skinning, gemcutting,

Early Game

So this is why this game is such a great guild game in my opinion, becuase it will take forever to unlock everything on this Destiny Board all by yourself, but you still want to be able to gather and craft and use everything yourself right? So my thoughts on this are, when we all start the game, we all should get everything to Tier 3, that’s all gathering skills, as well as crafting. But choose one combat skill tree you want to go down.Even if we have a crafting specific group of people set up, I believe that everybody should work on gathering and crafting at least a bit themselves, it is a good way to get overall Fame, and it gives you something to do.


I hope you guys enjoyed this, ran a bit longer then I expected it to, as usual if you have any questions just ask and I’ll get to you asap!

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Interesting. So similar to some old school RPGs, you’re leveling the specific skill you’re using?


Yes exactly. You have to spend time doing a specific thing, to do bigger and better of that same thing lol. My best example is Runescape, level everything up individually to use the next Tier, this is just more in depth.


I was doing some reading on guild emblems and it seemed like we could upload a 100% custom emblem as a .tga file.


Yeah i had actually read that too, I was gonna surprise you though lol.



For some reason I am finding myself very interested in this game. It must be all the Drizzle on top


@DrizztDo_Urden69 did u buy the legendary founders pack?


Yes sir I did, do you guys want me to do a lil overview of the available packs to play the alpha?


I just read up on it.
If I am going to do (or anyone for that matter) it seems you should do the Legendary for $99
Gives you a ton of gold and first access to Closed Beta along with some mounts and a house
I just need to decide

Does the game allow any ability to change the interface? Can you move with a pad/keys or is it mouse only?
I hate mouse moving


Umm as far as I saw it was all mouse movement, all left clicks I don’t see it being a pad/keys because you can’t click on stuff then.


Great reading
I can’t wait to start this Albion… Heck ti found you and this guild when searching for guild for albion. And now i am part of this excellent team

Don’t forget the guild post on the albion forums is on peage 4 …:smiley: