Albion Online Tutorials Part Two: Fame



Hey all so this is gonna be the second part of this tutorial series, much shorter, and we are going to talk about probably the most important thing in the game, Fame. So what is Fame you ask? Well let me tell you, Fame is your experience in the game, everything that you see on the Destiny Board is leveled up and upgraded using Fame. Everything that you do in the world of Albion gives you fame for one thing or another. For everything that you do, you get Fame for 2 things, the specific action you are doing, and your over all Fame, which upgrades the straight North part of the Destiny Board.

Fame in Combat

This is pretty self-explanatory, you kill something you get Fame(experience) right? It goes a little bit deeper then that. So as I explained last week, the best thing to do is choose one thing you want to be and kinda aim to level that up first combat wise. I say this because the only way to upgrade a weapon, say you’re going knife throwing to ultimately be a hammer thrower, you have to use that specific weapon to get kills. If you switch over to a staff, then you’re getting whole new fame for that staff now, and not just all staffs, just that specific one. So its a very specialized experience system.

Ways to get Fame

Like I said this is going to be a short, but very important segment. Now I’m going to go over all of the ways to get Fame. Some will seem obvious but you still should learn. So lets continue with the combat, every time you kill something you get fame, now depending on what Tier that person was, depends on how much Fame you get. This is the same way with everything you do. The Tier of the item/person depends how much Fame you get from doing that certain thing. So Tier 1 and 2 give 1 Fame I believe. Tier 3 items give 3 or 4 Fame each time. So you get Fame for your staff, your book if you have it, and I believe your armour as well. You get Fame for PvP kills as well.

Another aspect of the game that generates Fame is gathering, of course. Every time you go out and gather ore, gems, wood, etc, you generate Fame for yourself and the action that you performed. You also get Fame when you take those raw materials and refine them, such as logs into planks. Then you use those refined materials to craft items, which also give you Fame. Everything you do gives you Fame, obviously, however all the Fame that you get is specialized to what you are doing exactly. The higher Tiered item or thing that you are doing, the more Fame you get.

I know this one was pretty short, but it is extremely important. I apologize for the delay, and as always if you have any questions just ask!

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