Albion Online Update for Summer Alpha



Hey guys I know it’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted anything with Albion Online, but believe me we are still pushing strong for Albion Online I have just been busy so I apologize. Figured the best way to get back into it is to give you guys some updates on what is going to be new and popping in this up and coming Summer Alpha. Again we do not have a date all we are hearing is sometimein Quarter 2, but the underground talk is that it will be sometimes late June or July. So let’s jump right into it shall we.

A New Landscape

So before with Albion Online, no matter what zone you were in it all pretty much looked the same and you didn’t really know what Tier resources there were inside that zone, other then that usually the PvP zones had the higher Tier gathering. Now they’ve introduced a new system so that it is easier to tell what Tier resources are in an area.

Grasslands: Resources up to tier 4. These regions are lush, bright, and healthy. Just like the players within them.

Redwoods: Resources up to tier 6. The baked earth and sparse, stripped vegetation in these regions announce a more dangerous area.

Deadlands: Resources up to tier 8. The twisted, gnarling branches of rotting trees and desaturated colours truly make it clear that these regions live up to their name.

In the Grasslands, for example, an apple tree will bear large, tasty-looking apples, while you’d probably not even want to feed the dry, wrinkled fruits of the Deadlands to your horse.

That is one of the biggest changes that is different between the Winter Alpha and this coming Summer Alpha. There is also talks of Missions, which will just add on more stuff to do in this awesome game. I hope all of you are excited as i am.


I just love the changes. Although i didn’t still play the game but i see allot of changes and that’s superb
Btw drizz dont forget to stream alpha :grinning:


Oh you better believe I’ll be streaming the Alpha… i streamed alot on the winter Alpha, the highlights should still be up on my Twitch.


Yea agean this iPad twitch thingy
I can’t see yours highlights or i am bit noob and can’t find that on ipad …
Gona have to see on pc that highlights


You don’t want to see those highlights Nolani, It’s just Drizz. You won’t be missing out on much by not watching them :smirk:


Ouch… lol those are from when i first started streaming so not the best… but some good stuff on there…


I hope he will be yelling :grinning:
But i will definitely see i want to se more from the game …and if drizz streaming that much better


Do we think the founders packs on will remain the same until the alpha launches? Do they change them during every phase?


It doesn’t look like they’re going to be changed for this Alpha. there has been nothing said towards that.


Nice write up @DrizztDo_Urden69 Glad to see they continue to improve on their foundation.
Looking forward to playing the Summer Alpha with ya. Hopefully this time we’ll do the stomping instead of the other way around.