Albion: Personal Islands



Some thoughts on personal islands:
While these are great, especially for those that are soloing or in small guilds that don’t get their own territory, I don’t think they’re ideal for individuals in a larger guild. Don’t get me wrong, I think they’re awesome and got one as soon as I could lol.

However, I think they are better thought of as small satellite stations and should be shared with a few friends/guildmates. A house on the island can support several players depending on how much it is upgraded/furnished. Each person that is a resident of the house, then has buffs such as increased HP, carrying capacity, etc. Ideally it’d be nice to name our own island so it doesn’t default to the creators name. Instead of Ghosthogs Island, it could be named Strats resort, Strats farm, Alchemists Retreat, etc.

Since we can’t at this stage though, it would be nice to think of them as such. So my island could be just farmland, shareable by anyone who wants to focus on growing crops etc. Another for those that want to raise animals for the guild, etc.
I’m not sure if anyone else feels this way, if so, maybe post below and what your island could/should be focused on.

Atm, mine has 2 pastures and 1 farm field open for guild use and can support 2 or 3 more residents I believe.


It sounds like this might be a good idea. Once we can rename them. I will want to use mine to experiment with things. Hopefully we will be able to do more later in the game with them.


In my opinion, for this to work we will have to abandon the idea that if you plant it, only you can harvest it. There’s no sense in chickens or corn sitting for hours or even a day, waiting for the original planter to harvest, if it’s slowing production.

Things need to be moving along at a medium pace. If livestock/crops are ready for harvest, and a harvester is available, pick it up and replant.


totally agree. Unfortunately we had an issue with a few taking carrots in the beginning and not replanting and so put up restrictions. I don’t think it was anything really intentional though, just ignorance of how things should probably work.
It should be mainly those who are wanting to do farming for us, not because I need to make some food for myself real quick, since if I farm it, the farmers aren’t getting the experience to level up their farming skills which are more needed.

Next alpha or beta, hopefully we’ll have officers set up for each area, with rules and helpers set up beforehand etc.


I think the big issue is to make sure you’re not putting too much too fast on your personal island so it doesn’t require too many food resources that could otherwise be assisting the guild’s efforts. They’re totally valid for making a house and such, but don’t go trying to fill it up with buildings when the guild is making those exact same buildings through collective effort :wink:


definitely! I’m just thinking it might be better for 2-3 to make islands together; those who want to be solo though should be just fine as they do as you suggest.


I only have farms on my island and they’re open to the guild.


I’m with Vocino on this one. My little island only has farms on it so I can continue to farm food. I’m not producing enough to really make a serious impact for the guild, but hoping to achieve that in the next day or so.