Albion PvP Come Watch

Hey guys so in about 5 minutes me and @Wayward are gonna go do some pvping in Albion. Now this is the first time either of us have done PvP here, so come join us and experience the fun! I will be streaming it so come join in the fun here


Damn already offline

haha sorry man, it didn’t last so long :stuck_out_tongue: me and @Wayward got wrecked rofl. gonna be hopping on LoL after i eat some food.

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Awww. I missed it! :frowning:

We learned that higher tier gear makes a BIG difference!

I’ll be streaming albion for a while today, and if you see me streaming something else, say something in chat and i’ll switch over!


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I’ll put some up after this stream, streaming now

Ok so i put all of my albion videos as highlights, not able to really rework them atm, but now they’re at least easily acessible, as well as on my Youtube channel.