Albion - Start-up, How-to, & Next Steps?


Having spent a few hours the past couple days getting accustomed to the wonderful world of Albion, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not entirely sure what I should be up to and was curious if any of you had a resource or two you wouldn’t mind sharing.

So far, I’ve come across the following and had a few thoughts:

  • Start-up to T2 Guide posted by @ghosthog - this was great at getting me to T2 and on my way to T3. But from there, not much more.
  • Main Albion Thread from @simplyundrea & @DrizztDo_Urden69 - also decent to start with, but doesn’t cover all areas.
  • Albion Reddit - I’m sure there’s good info there, but I just can’t find it.
  • Albion Community Forums - same as Reddit, there’s likely good stuff here, but can’t seem to find it.

What I’m hoping to do is to obtain data to not only help myself in the game (and other Strats members), but maybe looking at taking it farther to Stratify some of these guides so we can help the greater Albion community.

Any who, I’m hoping y’all have some good tips and tricks and possibly others who might be up to the challenge to build some walkthroughs.


And on a personal note, I believe I’m up to T3. I went and bought an island, but not sure how to build. And from a gatherer perspective, I’ve dropped off a solid 1k-ish T1 stone at the PVE Guild Hall - thinking that’s likely my role.


Hey. Idk how to check but ive probably logged around 14 hours in the last 2 days since i started playing. My buddy and i built an island together to get the mechanics of things down. Im currently full T3 (taking it slow and figuring little things out) and if you need help or want some tips, ive learned a shitload of stuff over the last 2 days. Whether it be building, gathering spots and things to do and not to do, how to correctly build your armor depending on what your doing, etc i can help you out a little.

Currently in the strats co guild (pve casual) under the name ReptarEX. Just send me a tell in game when you see me on or what not. Also couzintony can give you help/advice, hes at the same spot i am and we have exclusively been running together thus far.


I’ll be doing the same thing, but was going to be putting it out about midway through the beta as I plan to cover everything from beginning of game to end game type stuff, as well as an in depth look of the destiny board, but I really look forward to reading yours!


The big thing about the Albion Beta is that there have been a lot of changes, so no one really knows THE best way to progress. It’s not going to be like a more established MMO where there are many guides because a ton of people have done it before you. In this game right now, the people that have done it before you did it about 2 days ago, and whether that was the best option won’t be clear for a while. Not to mention there’s no guarantee that, with the next patch, things will stay the same.

I think the best way to get the information you’re looking for is to play the game, get in mumble, ask people about the things they’re trying and how that’s working out for them, and ideas they have for next time. If you have an idea or a thought, put it out there, and it will hopefully spark a discussion. This will hopefully help you to better understand WHY to do things rather than having someone tell you WHAT to do.

I feel that understanding WHY is more important in this stage of the game’s development because, as they change things in the game with updates, the WHAT is much more likely to change than the foundations of how the game operates. I was a little lost at the start of the summer alpha (first time I played), and started to get a much better grasp this time around. Now, this time around, I don’t necessarily know exactly what to do, but I know what factors to look for when deciding where to go next, and it has helped me a lot.


Can’t do guides when you dont play :smile:


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I bought an island, but can’t for the life of me figure out how to build on the darn thing.

Want to share notes? ;)[quote=“Mohomohommad, post:5, topic:9108”]
I feel that understanding WHY is more important in this stage of the game’s development because, as they change things in the game with updates, the WHAT is much more likely to change than the foundations of how the game operates.
I guess what I’m missing right now is much of the HOW. You’re right though, putting that much effort into something for the Beta when it’s possible (and likely) to change for launch might not make as much sense. But if I have a rough outline of what to accomplish, much easier to update at that time…

Anywho, I appreciate all the thoughts so far. I wonder what would be the best next step - even if it’s just an interim one?


you have a couple of icons on the top right of your screen. one of them is for putting down buildings on your island. then you click on the construction side and add the mats needed to complete the building.


Expanding on what @Calibian said, you have to upgrade your island at the NPC you bought it from in order to get room to build more than your house in the center :wink:


It’s funny how some time away helps one figure things out - after replying and then logging back into the game, I figured it out.

That part was clear to me, it was that darn icon in front of my face that I wasn’t seeing. :wink:


Or you can hit B. On the PC here are letter shortcuts. M-map, N-destiny board, b-build, i-inventory, k-global map, g-guild