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I would like to ask the status of both the guild island and the territory.

Guild Island has all T3-4 services. I’m running around right now and most of them are below 40% food. Cloth guy looks like 10% or less.

A lot of resources were put into this island for about 3 days to then just abandon it (appears that way) for this territory in the yellow zone. I walked around that spot yesterday and the buildings there were hovering at 50% food or less and I’m constantly getting the notice that we have less than 24 hours left.

I carried food to the territory and tried to feed the vendors. I believe I fed 4 or 5 of them and barely raised them 10% with 2 full stacks of food.

I’m concerned that we moved into the territory too early with our limited number of people and most of them first-time players. I feel like we should have stayed on the island longer and established ourselves with more food, gear and silver before moving into the territory.

The 30% tax rate was cited as a reason for moving; however, crafting isn’t even taxed until T3, which can still be crafted in the starter towns (Easterly Cross) at 10% tax. T4 is really when things seem to get expensive and I do feel we should have spent more time on the island building ourselves up or making a solid plan.

It just appears to me that we are seriously struggling to build and maintain what we have. Am I seeing things incorrectly?

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We should probably only have built the farms/pastures on the island and just used the starter areas for crafting at first yes–didn’t realize that until too late. That’s the good thing about this being only an alpha.

I believe the plan is to take down the crafting on the island and focus on territory, since those starting out can still use the starter zone stations. Don’t quote me on this though.

We’re getting close to the farming resources we need but not quite there yet. Hopefully by Monday we should have more of a food cushion.


Don’t worry guys this is what this alpha is all about. We are learning what is best to do such as the current circumstances. I believe that we have not abandoned it but we are just focusing more time on the guild territory. I am sure once we are sorted the guild Island will be more attended to even more so when we have the farming and gathering jobs sorted, and we will have a much grater income of resources.

My guess before beta and live we will be discussing exacaly what we want to do to get ahead better, so this is the time for those mistakes.


Mistakes are fine. I feel like we need to acknowledge and announce those mistakes so everyone is aware and we can remedy them.


A lot of great points here. I think it might be helpful if we created a thread where we edit the OP with new information in a “lessons learned” fashion specifically regarding the starting plan for launch.

We will have a few more opportunities to nail down and edit the launch plan.

For example something like this:

  • Pool silver to found the guild
  • Initial crafting and character development should happen in starter zones
  • Establish guild island
  • Build farms and start stockpiling food
  • When [condition x] is met, do [y]

etc etc


So I just learned some fascinating information. Feeding buildings might be bugged?

Supposedly it’s taking 10 times as much food as it should to keep a building fed.

Source. Not certain if this was fixed with today’s patch.

Edit - supposedly fixed today


Decimal places are hard :wink:


I actually disagree. There are 4 ways to start this game and we went right in the middle of them.

The Fast Way
0) 80% tax rate

  1. right after the game starts establish several parties of players
  2. do the starter quests
  3. farm silver in dungeons. At the start of the beta all mobs and nodes start at 100%
  4. Found the guild
  5. continue farming till T3 gear
  6. establish a guild base in a red zone
  7. Buy seeds at the local farm for at a 0% tax rate
  8. establish farms for the territory on an unclaimed farm territory
    9a) send regular defense parties to the unclaimed territory
  9. claim the farm territory

This way uses the fact that all monsters and node start at 100% at the start of the game. If you act fast you can harvest insane amounts of T2-T3 mats, load them up on an ox and convoy to a red zone to establish a base.

The cheaper fast way
0) 80% tax rate

  1. right after the game starts establish several parties of players
  2. do the starter quests
  3. farm silver in dungeons. At the start of the beta all mobs and nodes start at 100%
  4. Found the guild
  5. continue farming till T3 gear
  6. establish, but don’t CLAIM a guild base in a red zone
    6a) send regular defense parties to the unclaimed territory
  7. Buy seeds at the local farm for at a 0% tax rate
  8. establish farms for the territory on an unclaimed farm territory
    9a) send regular defense parties to the unclaimed territory
  9. claim the guild territory
  10. claim the farm territory

The slow way:

  1. have one or two players log on at the start of the game and farm silver for the guild and guild island
  2. establish the guild and guild island
  3. start buildings on the guild island
  4. play like thus

The Risky way:
0) 80% tax rate

  1. gather parties of 5
    1A) Some parties load up oxes with T2-T3 resources
    1B) Some parties farm silver in dungeons
    1C) The party with the leader goes and establishes and territory in the red zone once there is enough silver
  2. the parties with oxes convoy to the territory with the silver farmers as support
  3. establish buildings using the massive amount of T2-T3 resources from the new start farming
  4. begin raids in T3 gear on limited PvP dungeons. Party sizes should be appox 8-10 players

Each different method has advantages and disadvantages. The problem we face now is we started the slow way and transitioned to the fast way. If we had started in the fast way from the start or only remained in the slow way we wouldn’t have these problems.

The disadvantage to the faster ways is risk. Other guilds will be trying to do the exact same thing while at the same time a few other guilds will try to take advantage of these guilds by getting some early kills. Once the fast method is established though, there are few problems with upkeep (as demonstrated by some guilds having 4+ territories)

The ultimate disadvantage for the slow way is that one can NOT progress past T5. This means that the end game for people who don’t want to PvP is T5. There is also a 30% additional tax on EVERYTHING including seeds. When we first started we were using a lot of silver just to pay the extra 30%

Edit: Also keep in mind the longer you stay on an island the longer it takes to rebuild on a territory. If we had gone right for a territory we would be in Teir 5 with the top guilds by now

Now in regards to what path I think strats should take? Well that really depends on the commitment we can get from people at the start of the game, as well as the changes that will be made for beta


Right here might be the disconnect. I’m not sure everyone is in agreement that we are trying to compete with the top guilds.

Or maybe I’m the only person who believes we’re not.


it’s that or risk being attacked. The only reason we haven’t been crushed by limelight as an inconvenience is because he feel’s we’re not worth fighting and also slightly amusing.

Now I don’t know about the rest of us but I would rather our game didn’t end at Tier 5. This means the island only idea is out. I also understand that strats can’t really commit to the fast starts without loosing the idea of being friendly to new players. This leaves a hybrid start where we establish an island in one of the red zone cities (safe zones) and ferry seeds to those that don’t want to go into PvP zones, or we set up in a yellow zone with the 5% tax and progress slower than the top guilds while still be able to hold our own.

Personally I feel we do new players a disservice by only showing them one side of Albion. While it’s true we need to help them into the game we also need to show them the realities of Albion and one of those is the red zones and PvP. It’s nigh impossible to play the game to the end-game without encountering these things.


Great post @marksteele. This is exactly what I think we should flesh out. I agree that there’s pros and cons for a number of different options. What I’d love to see is a discussion and understanding of the route that we want to take as a guild.

Note that an understanding of the route does not necessarily mean a unanimous agreement. People will ultimately play the game in a way they feel is most fun for them but the important part is that everyone understands (especially new members joining all the time) what the core guild dictates and what the objectives are.

This way everyone can understand how the way they enjoy the game aligns with the guild objectives and help out.


I think something that might help with this come beta and release is having a small contingent of players handle the guild island for our care bears and newer players while the bulk of the guild focuses on our FOB. After figuring out how a lot of this works, I think there are a few of us that’d be willing to step up and manage the island and free up more attention/mats/etc. on our overall progression.


This might be one solution. We have the guild island set up at queens for new players and those who don’t want to pvp and then we have personal islands for farming set up at whatever town is closest to where we establish ourselves. One thing I do think is that we should try to encourage people to join us on the territory. Like I said above, progression on the island stops at T5, progression in safezones stops at T3, so it might be best to try to help new players ease into PvP after we help them learn the game on the island.


Even T4 is just so darned expensive on the Island and Starter zones. I think why we are so strapped now is that we are splitting our crafting resources between the Island and the Territory. Since the people who want to stay out of PvP can craft in the starter towns anyway, I feel it would be most advantageous to not fund any crafting on the Island, since it is barely worth the extra two tiers it could get. Have the Island be farms.

I also feel we should encourage folks to join us on the Territory. This game was designed from the ground up as a PvP game. Anyone who tries to play it while ignoring that, and demanding to be catered to, is only hurting the rest of the guild’s progression. Sorry if that is harsh.


Considering the ease of doing this on private islands, I think we’d still be better served as a new-player-friendly guild to keep the crafting options available on the island for those that want to play nice and have some designated private islands as farms instead.

Be that as it may, that doesn’t change the fact that there will be players not interested in PvP that we should neither alienate nor underestimate in their ability to contribute to the overall efforts of the guild, IMO :wink:



From the viewpoint of someone new ( like me), I think we need a leader who let us clear indications, as a calendar to make daily activities.

Personally I started making dungeons (i like it :skull:), seeing that killing monsters could contribute silver to the guild.

But that’s just the point of view of someone who has failed to achieve a horse :joy_cat: .


here are my 2 cents:

About what Mandor said PVP wise. True, as in any sandbox, PVP is an important part of the game but there are many players like me (from my experience in this kind of games at least) that try to avoid it and still have alot of fun and i think every guild needs such players as they mostly craft and farm and help the guild that way.

Also there are always players who can dedicate alot of their time to the game and (like me) not so much due to the usual reasons (job, family…). Again i think a guild needs both kind of players as even if they kill only one mob a day the guild gets a share of the silver or they donate some food farmend on their privat island or lvl some buildings on the guild island.

So i hope we can be a guild that is a home for all kind of players and i see no reason why not.


it’s true that having every type of player helps, however there comes a point where catering too much to players who don’t want to PvP in a game designed FOR PvP becomes detrimental to the guild. Balancing that is, if I had to guess, will be the main discussion point between now and beta.

Also, albion is not “any sandbox” it is a game created, as mandor said, from the ground up FOR PvP. True they have made significant changes to help bring in casual players, however these changes are designed, to paraphrase the dev team, “to ease these players into a full PvP environment”.


Here’s the point I think that’s being missed or perhaps misunderstood: letting the folks not interested in PvP fend for themselves to start and manage a guild island isn’t going to hurt the guild’s progression, the key reason being that they will either not play the game, or at the very least find another guild to play with if we’re not offering them the ability to enjoy the title on their terms. We lose nothing but potential PvP converts and additional supplies by saying “we’re not going to cater to players who aren’t going to PvP;” instead, we stray away from the welcoming, new-player-friendly organization we’re trying to be while simultaneously cutting out a number of possible recruits.

The only resources we might be out are the handful of players that volunteer to help get the island off the ground and show the new players the ropes, but we’re talking about a drop in the proverbial bucket. Furthermore, fostering players that want to play the game and are either not interested in or uneasy about PvP by offering them a safe haven to get their feet wet allows for a broader base of gatherers, crafters, etc., that can continue to support forward guild territory when their supplies aren’t needed for the island.

This is the disconnect, I feel, because if you’ve got a player who doesn’t want to PvP, they’re not going to run with us if we go PvP-only, ergo we’re not losing any resources or holding up guild progression by giving them an island because everything they might have provided the guild no longer matters. If nothing else, even if it takes all the resources gathered by all the care bears in the guild to run the island, they’re still going to be taxed, so we’re still netting silver we would otherwise not have by catering to them insofar as letting them invest their energies on an island.

There will be a currently-indiscernible number of players that join up with the intention of being a care bear only that later decide they want to experience the rest of the game, but if we don’t have the means to offer them the opportunity to try the game on their terms and foster that potential conversion into a PvPer, we’ve done ourselves no favors. Acquisition and retention of quality players means taking in many more than that as the percentage is much less than 100%, so why would we limit our potential player intake by alienating an entire portion of the game’s playerbase upfront?


why? as auth has said, i also don’t see how these players hinder the guilds progression. this is a pvp game yes, but the players who pvp constantly need gear to fight and food for the conquered territorys so the more farmers the better since they need to farm silver to buy seeds and by being taxed the guild benefits.

and dont get me wrong i dont want to never pvp or something it’s just not my main reason to play this game. i like the crafting and economy they set up. but if my guild would need me in a fight while i’m online i would ofc come and fight as good as i can :wink: