Albion Woes: How do you organize your bank(s)?



My bank is literally hitler at this point. How are you guys organizing your bank(s), if at all?

On click-heavy activities like bank management, the concessions that were made for mobile platforms become very apparent.


Really easy, my bank is nearly empty because all my ressources go to the guild ^^

But yeah before we had the guildchests I just gave up on organizing.


Makes sense. I haven’t made my way out to the new territory yet.


I list it by materials in tiers. I then put all extra tools/armor/mounts at the bottom of the bank.


The way that I do it is that I have 2 banks. In the first one I have all the different kinds of mats in a row for example

T1,T2,T3,T4 -like that in a row this could be metal stone ect. Then when one of those gets stacked I then put that stack in the second bank. Then start filling the first one up again. And i just do that over and over.