Alert! Newbie!

Hey there guys and gals, im brand spanking new to strats!! looks amazing already based on the web design and all the topics, I am 25 spends a fair amount pf time on GTAV for PS3 and cannot wait until Monday the 17th at 12:01 to start on my PS4!! add holyrager as my psn and lets hit some missions or races!! see ya soon!


Welcome to Strats and Welcome to Strats and Crew. I can not wait to run some GTAV with this group. It is going to be amazing. Here is the breakdown on getting in our GTAV crew. Welcome once again.

Hi holyrager welcome to Strats! It’s great to see yet another GTA player come to the team! Looking forward to playing together, feel free to add me on PSN: Nubhugs

I hear Dragon Age is gonna be a cool game too…

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Welcome! My PSN is v0c1n0. Glad you could join us here.

Welcome! Glad to see another PS4 player here, we have a bunch already. Check out the PSN name swap. It’s for Destiny, but contains most of the Strats PSN names.

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Hey. Thanks alot really appreciate it!! My rockstar socialclub is unclear I believe, I’ll see.if.I can change it to holyrager!!

I just sent you an invite. Glad to have you.

Welcome to the crew @holyrager look forward to seeing you in game! psn= droul01

Hi holyrager. Welcome to the crew and look forward to some serious and fun missions with you and the gang. I am TeejayCar on PSN.

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Welcome Glad to Have you with Us.