Alien Isolation Scares


Ok so I said that I wouldn’t get scared in this game, well I only semi lied, I’ve been surprised 2x in this game and here they are. Don’t have anything to put them together, finally got the second one uploaded, so here you go!

Fuck the alien yo…


Nothing like Taylor swift in the background to set the mood.


HAHA YEEEEEES! Been waiting for this. Lol.

I lost it laughing when you got surprised by those two albino red-eyed things.


Is there any other song to game to bro? @simplyundrea wait till you see my other one lol.


Second video is up!!


Why did you call the Alien a “Monster”? I need to come up with an analogy to compare this wrongdoing. It would be like calling… The PS4 a “Nintendo” or calling Blu-rays “tapes”


What are you talking about, it says alien


You edited it… thank goodness.


Is this a good game? Been thinking about trying it.


I love the fact that you actually had to just lean back and recover from that first scare.