All things Dark Souls 3 happen here



Dark Souls 3 was released earlier tonight on Steam. Unsure if the console release happened as well or if that will be tomorrow Apr 12.

This is technically my first Souls game. I tried the original Dark Souls on the PS3, had a bad experience early on and returned the game never to be played again. I then played Bloodborne on the PS4 last year and had a fun time. So I’m giving this release a fair shot.

I chose cleric as my starting class. So far I’ve beaten the first boss and hope to progress further tomorrow.

Feel free to use this thread to post about your in-game achievements, builds, and epic boss battles.

I suggest that Strats members use the multiplayer password StratsCo to help with connecting online.

Good luck!


aahhhhh too much to do this week!!! I can’t wait to get to this game this weekend. Have to try incursions first in the division. This too will be my first souls game, and they are saying this will be the last one??? why? everyone loves these games. Hopefully they make the same-ish type game but not souls. I love From Softwares games and I wish I would have discovered them before Blood bourne


I have to do this the right way. I have to roll a Deprived


This is the first From Software game I have ever played after one of my coworkers just kept hounding me to get it so we could play together. After my first 3 hour run, I just couldn’t take it anymore. By no means will I never play it again but there is a reason I never played any of the other ones…just not my cup of tea. Hoping the more I play the more I will get used to it.


What exactly are you not enjoying about it?


I almost gave up on Bloodbourne because I spent about 4 hours trying to get past the very first part! But the thing with FS games is 1) learn the mechanics 2) make sure you understand the buttons. lol. I didn’t know what all the buttons did in game and once I figured some things out I was able to actually play the game and have fun. The difficulty in these games is on another level, which is why I think I enjoyed BB. I never had a chance to beat it but I still plan on beating it. Watch some beginner videos on these games and I bet it will make things much easier. Also, I’m not sure if DS is like this but in BB if you chose a character with higher insight the enemies were harder. I don’t even know if DS has insight or any other characteristic like it, but there is hidden info like that, that could be the difference between making your game enjoyable but difficult vs impossible for a beginner.


This is exactly what I thought when I played Demon Souls…

Then I bought Dark Souls, Dark Souls 2, Bloodbourn and now Dark Souls 3.

It is hard to get used to at first but keep trying. The learning curve is huge.


yea, it’s definitely worth it but not for everyone. I only have one real complaint: most games don’t have a good casting system IMO, but this one is especially annoying. DS3 is definitely MUCH better with the way it’s handled, but I’m still not a fan of the system. All in all, I think this game has lived up to the hype


Ah well it isn’t for everyone. For instance I could not get into The Division no matter how hard I tried. At least you gave it a shot!


I will definitely keep playing it and have already talked to other friends for some tips and watched some videos. There were moments when I was having fun and thought how cool a fight was I guess I just felt those moments were too far in between the doldrums of dying over and over and over again haha. I am slowly getting the hang of the controls, which yes, played a huge part in me not enjoying the game. Is there a way to “keymap” on the PS4? The control scheme just doesn’t feel right to me. As I play more it is becoming easier to work with, but I’d like to change some things around.

The game looks stunning and the soundtrack is amazing which will bring me back for many more sessions by itself. I think I am just being browbeat by the learning curve at the moment and getting demoralized lol.


So far I’m really enjoying this game, maybe even more than Bloodborne. My cleric/faith build has been rough starting out since the first few spells you find are heals and non-damaging types. It seems I’m just a weak melee character.

But I’m starting to learn the mechanics of the game and I believe by the time I get to some hard stuff I will have some weapons and upgrades that will get me though it. Hopefully updates will come soon.


I went with a warrior build and I’m thinking of playing the game through again as a spell caster. I think I will still perform some spells, but I would love to see how your build turns out.


Also…what is the point of someone invading you and killing you? What do they get out of it? I summoned someone to see how it was and u ended up actually winning the battle…but then some douche came in and finished me off.


I created a knight, mercenary and sorcerer yesterday just to fight the first boss and see how it goes. Maybe it’s because I knew the mechanics of the fight, maybe my skills have improved, or maybe cleric/mace is just that hard. But I destroyed that first boss with every character.

  • Knight was a joke. The boss can be parried.

  • I’ve never been a fan of dual-wield but I actually like it in Dark Souls 3. I killed him pretty quickly with the merc. Dual wield has a pretty neat combo.

  • Sorcerer was pretty stupid as well. I believe I counted 7 casts of Heavy Soul Arrow and a few pokes with the dagger to kill him. I think Heavy Soul Arrow was hitting for about 150 each. My Mace +3 is doing that damage right now.

Other than gaining emblems for their covenant if they win the fight, all they get out of the invasion is some epeen. But understand you can only be invaded if you have used an ember.

Also, there are some covenants that will automatically summon someone to help you if you are invaded. So if you’re having trouble with it then equip the emblem of that covenant.

There is one covenant dedicated to invading, and another that is just about the chaos. It will try to populate a game with as many people as possible to have a big battle.


I think you get ember, maybe a pale tongue, not really sure, I haven’t invaded anyone to kill them cause I find that douchy, normally just ask people to invade me to mess with them or let them summon me to help them out. My favourite thing to do is summon a dark spirit and put on the mimic hat and sit next to a wall, usually they play along and sooner or later it eats my health away and I die :smile:


I’ve been picking up a lot of shit and I don’t know what it all does yet. I’ve picked up some embers but I’ve never used one yet. What does using an ember do for me?


Lol. Where do I get this mimic hat you speak of?! I literally just realized there was a new vendor back home. In supposed to give home that thing from Loretta or whatever but I read he goes away and I want to buy some shit from him first! I forget his name I just shut my game off but I also heard you can send him out to collect new weapons for you. I’ve played so many hours of this game and I’m inching along slowly but its just so damn interesting!


Using an ember is the same thing as when you kill a boss and you get the message Ember Restored. Your HP is increased, your character looks like he is a burning ember, and the icon next to your health bar looks like an ember. Being “embered” allows you to summon others to help you but also opens you up to being invaded.

Greirat. He will not go away when you show him the bone. Yes you can later send him out to pilfer. He will leave for a while (not sure what exactly brings him back) but when he returns his inventory will be increased.


no, he doesn’t go away, but after you give him Laretta’s bone, he will be “inconsolable” for a trip or so back to firelink (you have to leave and come back) During that time if you try to talk to him, you’ll learn the “curled up” expression. I got the hat from killing a mimic, either it’s a random drop or it always drops from the mimic in Cathedral of the Deep. I will give you one piece of advice, the first thing I level up in DS games is endurance. You use if for everything, even as caster, you need it. If you have a high endurance, everything is just easier. I know it’s tempting to go after int or str or whatever because it’s what your character uses but I’m telling you now, you don’t realize how badly you need endurance until you are starring down a huge baddy with seemingly infinite swings and you’re all out of rolls or can’t cast because it also takes stamina… I’ve played all the styles and endurance is ALWAYS the first thing I go for. Endurance = survivability = souls = exponential progression. No endurance = death = lost souls = exponential time loss.


I know this is getting buried in the thread, but here’s a quick tip for anyone starting out:

The first crystal lizard you should find in the game will drop a raw gem. When you place this in your weapon it will remove stat scaling ( no more str/dex scaling) and increase the base damage of the weapon. This is a great upgrade to consider for your melee weapon if you are playing as a magic user or if your build focuses on stats other than physical damage early on.

Later on you will find items which can remove the imbue and allow you to place a different gem in your weapon if you want to change. Or it’s no problem if you want to use a different weapon. But for your beginner weapon this is a great boost when starting the game (depending on time you could have this 30-45 minutes into the game).