Alliance War Campaigns End Tomorrow



As of right now, there is 1 day, 4 hours left in Volendrung. It should end at about 9pm EST tomorrow.


Oh shit, I didn’t realize. I wonder if there’s been any talk of shortening the next campaign or consolidating the number of campaigns.


From what I’ve read, I believe some changes are to take place once the campaigns end…so maybe tomorrow?


I need to join a non-veteran campaign. Really hoping that option presents itself. Was getting worked on Wabbajack today, my first intro to alliance wars.


Campaign just ended. Everybody appears to have gotten gold in the mail so check how much you got.


How To Guide on Making Money in ESO:

Step 1. Make 8 characters.
Step 2. Level all of those characters to at least level 10.
Step 3. Run each character with a zerg in Cyrodiil until they reach Tier 3 Rewards.
Step 4. Wait until the campaign ends.