Allow me to introduce myself


I’m Brad, a 21-yr-old soon-to-graduate college student who loves some casual gaming in my free time. I like a wide variety of games including, but certainly not limited to: minecraft, rocket league, dark souls, overwatch, and skyrim. I found this community in a link from the Elder Scrolls Online subreddit (a game I do not own but will soon) and am looking to expand my network of friends to play with. I sort of have a mess of different usernames across game platforms which I’m fixing as I can, so look for the name “NatriumCl” if you wanna play!


Hey mate, welcome to the party! There are a couple folks that still kick around in ESO (paging @Rotaugen) who I bet would help you get started when you pick it up. Let us know if you have any questions or run into any problems :wink:


I’ve been in Elder Scrolls Online for the past 3 years or so. I was a beta player and never stopped. I am on PC North America server, and my main character is named Rotaugen454. I can give a ton of pointers and create some crafted sets of equipment. The best gear in game is the equipment you plunder, but you don’t really need it until you have a max level character anyway. The fastest way to level is to get a set of gear with the training trait, and that can be crafted. There are other players on Playstation that have been in ESO as well. I am a married guy with kids and a career, so my hours online vary, but I get a lot in total.


Awesome, thanks! I’ll be playing on PC on NA server once it downloads so I will definitely look for ya. And I know the hours struggle, being a student, but I’m going to try for some consistency.


Welcome! I keep wanting to get into ESO, but first I didn’t have people to play with… now I’ve been sucked into Conan. Maybe once the hype dies down, I’ll see you in there :slight_smile:


Thanks! And sounds good :slight_smile:


Welcome, Brad. Are you that girl’s car in the insurance commercials?


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