Alpha Members Sound Off



Wanted to know who the other Alpha players were so we can sync up.


I’m confused. the game is in beta currently and has been for a while. that usually means Alpha is over. The price packages that include alpha access have not been updated in months, so maybe if you bought in early, you can play pre-beta. but i’m pretty sure there’s no such thing as alpha access now. but please, correct me if i’m wrong.


From my understanding Alpha shuts down during the beta but will be back up when beta closes. I would lose my cool if I just spent $150 for nothing.

" What are Alpha and Beta?"

"The 24/7 private Alpha test helps us validate both gameplay and technology while building up the initial community of experts who are willing to share their experiences with others. ArcheAge will hold a separate (and concurrently running) series of much larger Closed Beta Events starting July 17. These events will give you a chance to see the game and will also serve as a test of our servers and the service integrations that we’ve made between ArcheAge and our systems. There is a possibility that Alpha servers will be unavailable when Closed Beta Events are running. "


oh ok. i stand corrected. that’s definitely a little different than the standard alpha>beta>release that most games followed in the past.


When you go into the Alpha there are two servers Alpha and Omega. I currently am playing on Alpha.


I ll be making the guild on omega because we half a few high level players already there. So i suggest switching asap so you can play with us guys!


Will do… Who do we have playing?


me you crazy matt and one more i am trying to hunt down