Am I really bad at this game?

I’ve only been playing solo thus far, working on unlocking all the characters first.

I’ve played 5 or 6 matches maybe, 2 as Markov and 3-4 as Goliath, and I’ve only won one Goliath match I think. I really can’t beat the bots.

My two Markov matches were against Kraken and Wraith. Wraith is hard to track and fight but I expected that from watching the streams. But I didn’t expect to have this much trouble with Goliath vs bots.

Am I failing that bad at this game?

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I don’t think the AI is terribly difficult playing against the Hunters. It’s pretty easy to stay away from them and as soon as you hit stage three they just go for the node to defend. The Monster AI is tougher though, I’m 1-1 as a Hunter with bots. One match it wasn’t even fair, the AI Monster just squashed us. I haven’t got to tweak it because I’m not sure if you still get match exp, but you can mess with the AI in custom matches favoring one side or the other, or adding your own traps like those horrible plants.

I think they need to scale back Wraith some, the burst damage is insane. Once it hits Stage 3 no amount of preparation can stop it, unless my team and I are just stupid.

Edit: What is your general strategy when playing Goliath?

Actually I’ve won 2 games as Goliath. I’ve already unlocked Kraken.

I don’t really have a problem avoiding them in Hunt mode and the one Defend I played literally came down to a last-hit situation.

The maps I’m having the most trouble with are Nest (I’m setting it to Quick Play, not doing Custom). The first time I tried engaging them at the first egg and that was pretty much an instant death. Second time I tried to evolve first, letting them destroy 2 or 3 eggs. We ended up fighting over the 4th egg and I couldn’t kill them all before they respawned.

Defend is a really tough game for the Monster to win. I’ve done a handful and have only won one. What makes it so hard is the fact that you really can’t gain a lot of armor from wildlife, so it comes down to how quickly you can destroy the turrets so the minions can get some damage in. Apparently they are too stupid to hit them.

I’ve done Nest one time and lost hardcore similar to how you did. I hatched a minion without getting armor and it just ran off instead of following me, making me do stupid stuff. You pretty much have to get big fast, so losing a few eggs is expected unless they separate and you can stealth them down. The AI might have an unfair advantage because in a real game mode finding the eggs is going to be harder. I like the idea of Nest though.

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I don’t know that the minions are too stupid to hit the turrets, I think that’s simply the design. Defend is essentially a one-lane MOBA map and it would really be easy if the minions assisted with the turrets.

I actually thought of that while I was typing it out. It does make sense. They are just there to put the pressure on the Hunters by attacking the generators. To be quite honest, I think they do a ton of damage to them where I felt like I was doing nothing at all. Maybe the level 3’s job is to just focus on the Hunters. The only win i got was a very cheap one because the AI wouldn’t go to the edge of the platform so I was just hiding behind it tearing it down while they ran around the other side talking to each other about breakfast or whatever.

I’m glad the bots are a fun challenge though. It’s nice to take a break and play with them. My first few matches as a Monster online were so stressful I wasn’t sure if I could finish the match. This must be how Rambo felt being hunted in First Blood. No friends, hungry, cold and alone in the wild, the feeling that you did nothing to deserve this.


And now I’ve discovered my problem.

The power relay can’t be damaged while the Monster is “in combat.” As best I understand this means any hunter (turrets also perhaps) that is not downed. As long as you keep shooting it, the Monster can’t deal damage.

This might be the reason @Nubhugs felt the minions were doing much more damage in Defend mode.

Does this go for Hunt as well? I had a match where they were down to one Support that kept cloaking and getting away from me. As soon as I went to attack the generator he would shoot at me and run which was terribly annoying. Makes sense though.

Yes this applies to Hunt. This explains why I lost a match last night when I tried to focus on the generator.

But I understand the reasoning. The relay becoming vulnerable in Stage 3 is just an alternate win condition to bring the fight to one spot instead of the Monster hiding for 20 minutes.

If the hunters couldn’t interrupt the Monster he could just max armor before going to the relay and it would then be a pure damage output race every time.

I first heard this during a stream today when the Monster wasn’t attacking a relay that had less than 10% health. He explained the situation then I did some searching to confirm.

It does make sense. The relay is also a good way to flush out a hiding team. In that case it was down to one guy who could go invisible so I had to keep hitting the relay to force him to come back out. Eventually I used a sneak attack on him to end it.

That’s like having finite wildlife to keep the Monster from drawing the round out. I had a match where most of the wildlife was gone and it pretty much forced me to attack with uncomfortably low armor. It makes me consider this as a strategy playing a Hunter. What if you starve it off by killing and making the meat decay? Is it possible?

Dead animals do eventually decay but I think it takes a few minutes. One of the hunters (Abe maybe?) can put a tracker on live or dead animals that will track the Monster after it feeds.

Lazarus can revive the wildlife, which is good if your team kills something that is aggressive toward the Monster.

I do not know if things respawn, though. Need to research that one.

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Oh crap thats cool.

Whaaaat he can revive dead wildlife?! That IS cool

I like that the AI is tough too. I suck as a monster though. Just finally unlocked the Kraken last night but haven’t had a chance to play it. I’m to the point where I starting to feel comfortable with a few of the hunters.

Btw, changing parameters in custom doesn’t stop you from earning mastery. I cheated last night by changing the balance to favor the monster last night so i could get to the Kraken lol.

THIS GUY IS A CHEATER! :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for the info though ghosthog. Might be fun to make some really stacked matches

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Kraken was my first unlock. My initial matches were terribad tho.

I struggle to deal any damage with the banshee mines. Seems like the AI always destroys them.

Still undefeated as Griffin.

I like Griffin…not a fan of Abe tho. I found those darts a lot tougher to use than Daisy or Griffin’s sound traps