Amateur content creator creating amateur content

It’s finally time to announce my mediocre attempt at content creation!

I have either uploaded a recorded video or performed a live stream on three major sites:

This is primarily a hobby and project experiment. I am conducting all streams and recordings using the GeForce Experience Share function. It is a rather basic but relatively easy program for sending content to the major outlets. It is nowhere near as robust as OBS or Xsplit. However, it seems to suit my current desires.

The content found on these sites is mostly for my entertainment and for others to hopefully enjoy. I haven’t moved up to using a camera or mic yet (although the program does allow it).

If you have any interest or questions about GeForce Experience I will do my best to answer them.



Would be cool to do a writeup on this. I’ve used it a bit. Very simple but there is nuance to make it efficient.

I had considered that but Nvidia has already posted a general guide. I thought it would be easier to answer individual questions.

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