Amazing Chrome Extension for Destiny



So this chrome app will show you all of your items on every character at once. Unlike the Bungie app that now allows you to move things to the vault and then to a different character this extension does it from character to character. You can also create custom load outs. I am excited to make some load outs for PVP, Farming, Raid Bosses, etc… Will be nice to hit a button and have the items I want all equipped.

that is the link. make sure to be logged into to sync up or it will get stuck in a loading screen


Nice find spredhed. This sounds really useful, especially later down the road if you need a lot of gear swap out for situations. Bungie should endorse this


That is amazing. No more headaches!


Awesome find! Need to install this when I get home.


Can you post a screenshot? (Don’t have destiny but am interested…)


Here’s what mine looks like.

I’ve selected a rocket launcher (Dragons Breath). It shows it in orange because it does Solar damage, and it shows I can either move it or equip it to one of my two characters.


Oh, wow! This looks niiiiiice.




This is what mine looks like with all 3


Try again buddy :wink: I tell you what though, all I see is dem exotics. Someone puts work in Destiny.


I thought the same thing when it loaded. I had to resize it and did at 75% but it came out puny.
You get the general idea though