AMD Announce Tether Free Solus Q VR/AR Headset



The Sulon Q headset is truly an amazing piece of kit. We are working incredibly hard to make exploring virtual worlds as simple and intuitive as exploring the real one, and the Sulon Q headset is a big step towards that.
As a powerful and lightweight all-in-one solution that combines VR and AR capabilities with real-time spatial mapping, the Sulon Q headset offers an experience that’s unlike anything else. As we put the finishing touches on it and ready for launch in late spring, we hope everyone enjoys today’s sneak peek and is equally excited about the headset as we are.


this is a pretty big announcement. this is a hololens thunder stealer for sure. tether free and AR means you can just walk around your house and now be bound to a specific area in a room. very interesting!


AMD with vr now. I might actually trust them more than other manufacturers. (To be fair though, I still don’t have much info on other products.)


I saw this yesterday on The Attack twitch stream. looks amazing and almost nauseating. lol