An ancient artifact


Ladies and gentlemen. Strategists of all ages.
Behold! A lost relic of a time gone by. An ancient artifact, forgotten by time. Once believed only a myth, until it was unearthed by a brave explorer. Me! Cleaning out some drawers!

Gaze upon it’s majesty!


It’s beautiful!

Look at that (lack of) padding on that huge type. Wow.


Ah, the Zune. Legends whisper of a long forgotten prophecy of ascendance to the mightiest of sales figures, and the toppling of the repressive musical storage and playback kings of old. A failed prophecy, many belive… but the rebellion still lives, and those that follow it cling to their Sony mini disc players in hope that one day balance will be restored.


Lest we forget its harbinger: The MiniDisc


My wife and I were just reminiscing about the minidisc skipping in the car. Though she’s 5 years younger than me so I couldn’t take her all the way back to tape decks eating your cassettes.


Talk about heartbreaking; nothing sucks more than hearing your favorite cassette/VHS being eaten alive. I can still hear Biodome screaming in the dead of night, pleading for my help.

I couldn’t save him.


Ah, this talk really takes me back to watching The Goonies on LaserDisc.
Ah. . . good times.

  1. I just recorded The Goonies on TV and loved every second of it. I can’t bring myself to delete it. I should just buy it.

  2. My friend in Miami had a complete nerd LaserDisc collection. Star Wars, Indiana Jones, etc


Well this is a blast from the past.