An average minecraft player wanting to join the strats server!

Hi my name is DRAGON7W7, I want to join the strats server for minecraft, i found out about the server through this amazing streamer called Tommy_2118. I’m from Canada and currently in high school. I am 16 years old. I hope to get accepted!


Welcome! Thanks for watching,

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Welcome to the Dark (or dark for @Vocino) side brother.

@DRAGON7W7, thanks again for joining us on the MC server. You were very helpful and I believe I am now the envy of all with an enchanting table and the semi-auto garden you build. See ya in game!

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Hi @DRAGON7W7. Welcome to Strats! Looking forward to working together in Minecraft.

Welcome welcome, enjoy your Minecraft fun time. :slight_smile:

Welcome! c:

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