Anniversary thread!


Today is my anniversary for joining Strats! I saw we had no circle jerk congratulations thread for everyone’s anniversary, so here it is!







Am I doing this right?


This inspires me. Anyone who has there Strats Anniversary coming up should have their avatar forced to a Dickbutt .GIF for a week or so.


Yay, mine was 04/21





Shane… it’s… it’s beautiful… It’s just… my god… the colors…


I am uncomfortable with the amount of dickbutt in this thread. However the rainbow dickbutt of the original post is quite impressive.


A little late but…


It’s never late for a good :dickbutt: @Wheatums!


I made a generator a while ago for occasions just like this. You’d be surprised how often it comes up. My brother texted me last night asking for the link to it.

Have fun.


“Because you Craved more” What was the original occasion for making this gift to mankind?


A fellow programmer had a Ruby gem (a piece of reusable code) that simply printed penises of varying sizes to the console in text form ( 8==D ). A friend thought it was crazy that something useless got far more attention than his useful gems, so I set out to prove a point that silly always gets more attention. I posted it to Reddit once, and since then my site’s traffic is still 50% people generating dickbutts.


This is truly a work of art.


This is the premise behind the Deer Hunter game selling 1 million copies. Oh and Oklahoma.


I’m people now!