Announcing Smasher's Destiny Raiders



First of all, I would like to say thanks to everyone who applied. It was a treat seeing everyone show interest in the hard mode raid team. Secondly I would like to say if you have any questions about why you were not selected or placed as an alternate, please message me privately. This is my team and I chose it based on multiple factors to have the best team that also can have the best experience raiding together.

Without further delay, the team is as follows:

1.) @Smasher225 (Warlock)
2.) @ohnokenzilla (Titan)
3.) @Fyrefly21 (Hunter)
4.) @WantedDOA85 (Warlock)
5.) @spredhed (Warlock)
6.) Atrocity (Titan)

Alternates: (in order of appearance)

1.) @BarryBillericay
2.) @blinkbrac

Congratulations to those of you who have been chosen. The first raid is tomorrow when spred can get online. We won’t be completing oryxs challenge the first time. We will kill oryx then go for the challenge depending on difficulty as I would want the rewards and then beat myself up over oryx over attempting the challenge and not getting rewards.