Announcing Strats Command



Over the past few months I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the future of Strats and the potential for Strats & Co (the entity) to grow above and beyond any of our expectations.


Those of you that regularly join us for Strats Weekly (or have read the forum in the last few days) already know that the first Strats & Co product is called Command.

Our goal with Command is twofold:

  1. Create a valuable toolset for our Team Strats streamers.
  2. Create a framework that we can build other tools off of (user profiles, production tools, etc).

We will continue to build on this framework with a regular release schedule that incorporates features which are important to you guys. It’s critical that we prioritize our time building things that make sense for our members to use. To that end, we want to involve the community in this process as much as possible.

Moving forward, I will be posting regular version updates with the features we plan for the next release. This is a very fluid process and we want to remain as agile as possible so that we can pivot and build specific feature that are most important to the community.

PS: If you find bugs (and you will), please post them up.


Shipping product is critical to establishing momentum. That’s why we paired down the initial vision to a minimum viable product (or MVP). That’s the minimum product we felt could offer some value to members while still establishing the framework to develop future modules and expand quickly.

We settled on Audience.


Our awesome team cranked this MVP out in record time and they deserve a lot of praise for their long hours and dedication:

  • @therubymug brogrammer to the stars

  • @shane wielding the power to turn dreams into reality

  • @tommy2118 super quick pickup and manager of boards

  • @Auth purveyor of the amazing culture we have here, keeping the community running

Strats: Command Homepage

I’m trying to determine where is best to voice my questions/concerns about this.

First off, great job on your work so far. It’s good that you’re developing something like this.

But I see your potential reach value. Is there any way for this to account for the same person on multiple social media applications? Say the same person follows you on Twitter, Twitch, Youtube and Facebook. Doesn’t that inflate your value 4x?


It does currently, yes. It’s sort of a “dumb” number right now but there are indeed ways to understand this. They are nontrivial and involve a data science component which is on the longer term roadmap. We have to better understand where the demand is before tackling it.

For example, we don’t want to spend months working on a cookie sync system if people are more interested in having some video production feature for going live.

But yes, you are absolutely right.