Another Episode of Drizzt and Nubhugs


Hey guys so Nubhugs and I have decided on another game to play, but instead of racing this time, we will be playing some co-op. We haven’t set a time and date up for it yet, but we will be playing BattleBlock Theater and we hope you guys will be coming out and watching Nubhugs suck it up :smile:


Awesome! I can’t wait to watch. :smiley:


This game is either going to make us best buddies or hate each other forever.

The entire game is based on teamwork. If I suck we are sucking together like a big two headed suck-beast that’s bad at video games. I can’t wait to kill you over and over and over in the theater.

Here’s the original launch trailer when it released on Xbox 360. There is also a separate steam trailer which is pretty freakin’ funny but less catchy.


I love it. I have the game as well!


4 player co op!


have fun guys.


When is this happening? BTW


such a friggin cute game - you guys will have to play with me sometime :slight_smile:


Haven’t ironed out a date or time yet, we will let you guys know when we do


and def!!