Another Fortnite Giveaway, now with 100% more giveaway!



#Wait, what do you mean 100% more giveaway?
I mean we’re pulling 2 names this week! @senNish, being The Man, has thrown another copy of the game into this week’s giveaway (thanks mate ;)).

#Hang on, which system is this for?
PC and PS4! Turns out that Fortnite not only supports cross-progression on PS4 and PC, but that linking your PSN to your EPIC account lets you also play on either system without having to buy it again. Once Early Access goes live on the 21st and you’ve linked your PSN and EPIC account, the PSN store will have a way to downlaod the PS4 version for those that already own it on PC. Sadly, this benefit is not afforded XBL.

K :wink: All you have to do is:

  1. Be at least a Member here on the forums at the time of this thread’s posting.
  2. Leave a reply on this thread by 11:59pm EDT on Sunday 16 July 2017 to be automatically entered.

Note: This is our last planned giveaway for Fortnite, so if you’re interested in trying to win a copy from Strats, enter now or forever hold your salt :wink:

#For the inevitable winners:
We won’t be able to send you your copy straight away so you can preload and such, unfortunately, because the copy won’t be available to us to hand out until the headstart begins on 21 July. What you’ll need to do is make an EPIC account (if you don’t already have one) and install their launcher. Once you’ve done this, you’ll PM me your EPIC account name so we can be BFF’s (also, one of you will be routed to @senNish to receive his copy). As soon as we have the copies to hand out (the FAQ’s say they’ll be available immediately after we log into the game on July 21st, and the devs have parroted this on r/fortnite several times), we’ll get it sent out. If you want to play on PS4, you’ll need to make sure you link your EPIC and PSN accounts on the EPIC website.


Please let it be me!


ME ME ME ME ME!!! :slight_smile:


So much excite!


Me Me Me. Just kidding :stuck_out_tongue: Good luck everyone. These giveaways are awesome :slight_smile:
As for the cross platform saving, holy shit, that’s incredible.


I’d known about the cross-platform progression, but it was always assumed that you’d need to own it on both systems. This is apparently not true (I only just found out).


Literally necro’d my account just for this awesomeness!

I’m in!

Side Note: I’ve still been around, just lurking in the dark corners of the forum :wink:


I messaged you on that like a week ago.


Yeah, but I saw actual confirmation from someone from EPIC (finally) last night; don’t trust everything on reddit (unless, you know, it’s true ;)).




Oh me!


Me! Pick me! :smiley:


I’m in!


well, I wasn’t gonna put my name in but I really REALLY want this game and you’ve got two, sooooooo good luck everyone!


i’ll jump in on this one!




Few dollars worth of savings if you have amazon prime for those not lucky enough to get a key.




Sorry mate, this giveaway is only available for users who were at least a Member when the thread went live :wink:


okay :c