Another Fortnite Giveaway, now with 100% more giveaway!



I’m in!


well, I wasn’t gonna put my name in but I really REALLY want this game and you’ve got two, sooooooo good luck everyone!


i’ll jump in on this one!




Few dollars worth of savings if you have amazon prime for those not lucky enough to get a key.




Sorry mate, this giveaway is only available for users who were at least a Member when the thread went live :wink:


okay :c


Not saying I’m only in this thread for the giveaway. But I’m only here for the opportunity to get this game for free!!


Today is your last chance to get in on this giveaway; the name draw is tonight :wink:


How on earth did I miss this until just now? I’m in :smiley:


I hope for winning :slight_smile:


GZ @lyteforce and @dontcallmejames!


Awesome! Thanks so much. Looking forward to joining you all!


Congrats @lyteforce and @dontcallmejames

@auth - I don’t agree with that red X over my profile pic. That was fairly aggressive :stuck_out_tongue: lol


Fixed! Hax! I demand a recount.

Wait… I won?

What a stellar result! HUZZAH!




Hah, just ruthless.


buying the game now so we can still play