Another Intro!

My name is Kelly, I’m an old out of shape gamer who has been gaming since before computers were around. I recently left a 20 year career in IT to become a professional brewer and recommend it to everyone in IT. I’m from Oregon, and I play mostly AA, LoL, and WoW once the new expansion pops.

Looking forward to hooking up with those of you in AA. Cheers!


Welcome to Strats! Glad to have you with us. Just in case you were wondering, there are two kinds of beer that I just can’t turn down; cold beer and free beer.

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Welcome! Nice to see a new face joining the AA shenanigans.:grin:

Hey Kelly, welcome to the fray!

Welcome Aboard.
Glad to have you

Welcome, see ya in the ether

What’s your PSN handle I’ll send you a friend request. Playing any destiny?

Sorry man, I’m a PC gamer…too old for them new fangled devices :slight_smile:

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Im 44, played on consoles all my life. From Atari to ps4, never have played pc.

Welcome, looking forward to gaming with you in AA!!

Welcome to Strats Kelly! Great to see more AA players

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