Another Oldie

Hi everyone,
I’m another old gamer - started on computers back in the mid seventies in an engineering department. I am retired these days after 35+ years as a design engineer. Been playing video games since the early 80’s. I also used to run a BBS back in the day. I recently purchased a PS4 and have started playing Destiny and The Last of Us, and will soon be playing GTA V as soon as it is released. I’m a shade away from 60 yrs old, but I can still dance. Hope to meet and see you out there in the gaming arena.



More oldies are always welcome.

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Welcome man! Your old enough to be my dad😃 but my dad is lame and doesn’t play video games…

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Welcome aboard, always glad to meet another oldie!

Hi Teejay welcome to Strats! I hope that we can get a good group of people for GTA V when November comes.


Welcome @teejay1955 glad to see you made it here. :smirk: Looking forward to playing some games with you, just like we did back in the day. I’ll do my best not to school you to much, but remember I’m pretty sure I have been beating you since “The Legend of Zelda” days and now you can’t send me to my room when I am winning. :wink:

@Dynamible I’m pretty sure I’m old enough to be your father. Matter of fact…


… Is this your dad? Cause he child be my grandpa then😒

Yes, @teejay1955 is my Dad and 50% responsible for all the greatness you know as @tommy2118 :smirk:


If your an elder did that make him a grand elder.

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