Another Star Citizen free fly opportunity Friday 01/29 to Sunday 02/14, Star Citizen and Squadron 42 being sold separately 02/14 GET IT NOW!



This is believed to be the last chance for people to try it before they split Star Citizen and Squadron 42 into different games and start selling the separately.

If you are looking into getting into Star Citizen I would get it now while you can still get both games for one low price.

The free fly trial will give anyone with an account regardless if you bought the game or not a chance to enter Arena Commander or the universe and fly around. You just have to create an account to try it.

If you are feeling thoughtful and decide to buy the game you can use My referral link to give yourself a free 5,000 EUC (in game credits) and give myself some goodies.

Edit, I will not be commenting on any Star Citizen hate replies so don't bother.


They can’t ship one game. What makes them think they can ship two?



(But seriously, @Biff_Tannen this is cool.)


downloaded it and played the basic training: turned to look at the target, passed out. followed target until it double backed so I turned to look at it, passed out. finished the tutorial and turned to find the instructor so I can land, passed out and drifted out-of-bounds, sat through load screen to get me back to base so I can land. 10/10 would pass out again.


Yeah the fact that the basic training is broken should have been communicated better by CIG


I’ve been interested in trying this game. I got ED Horizons on the latest Steam sale and still haven’t even tried that yet…


Well it’s still free until the end of the week. Click on my link above, create an account and try it out.

I have ED Horizons and I find the limited Star Citizen alpha content to be more fun than ED


I just looked at Elite Dangerous the other day because I want to make a head tracking and eye tracking DIY VR to work with it but the angry reviews on steam threw me off…


Free fly is extended to 02/14 which is the day the two games will split