Another Strats Shirt(?)


Continuing the discussion from Where are all my friends?:

Methinks it’s time to design another Strats shirt @Vocino :wink:


Or other Strats merch - I know we talked about patches or charms and stuff too! More Strats stuff would make me so happy I can’t even. For serious.


Yeah it might be. I’d like to have the simple Strats and Crew shirt but in black maybe.


I think I and several other people would buy it in black :wink:


I would buy it in every color and wear one every day. Make the magic happen.


“Streamer pls” hat so we can constantly remind streamer with our headgear.

Or a shirt. A black shirt with a gaming related phrase and the Strats emblem.


I know I would pick on up if it was in black


Yeeees, please! I’d love one in black.


cough i would like a shirt cough


Are you ok? I think someone needs a ricola!


I like the original color. I pick any color over black, since every shirt seems to be black when it comes to promo shirts. A Strats hat would be pretty awesome as well. You know, I developed a custom hat builder that we could use to design one…


@Vocino did you see this?


Very cool


Yes. Hats!! If I can’t get a shirt I really want a hat. Make it happen!!! :smile: