Any advice on first computers?


I’m looking for advice on which gaming hardware I should get (mostly the computer model). I have never purchased anything like this before and was hoping for some help before I made a mistake. I have a low budget and was probably going to buy something used. Any Ideas?


Are you trying to buy a desktop or laptop?


I recommend building exactly what you want. You will save money and get something suited to your needs.




Building it sounds good, ill look into that, thanks. Where do you recommend I get parts?


There’s actually quite a few post topics and discussions just like this one. I’d recommend looking through them to get the information that you need.

This will give you all of the websites, recommendations, and tips you could ever need for building/buying your next PC. If you have any questions after you’ve gone through those, we can help you iron out any details/nuances you may have.

Good luck. :slight_smile:


Thanks, these will help a lot


@Jocosh, why don’t you introduce yourself to the community by making a post in the Introductions category? Tell everyone a little about yourself and what kind of games you like to play. :smile: