Any camera or photography buffs here? What do you think of the Yi M1?


I’m looking at getting this camera. It’s received really amazing reviews from high end photographers but it’s priced unbelievably because it’s designed and manufactured in China:



The impressions I’ve got are that its decent and a good value with nice form and functions but performance isn’t really impressive. If you are looking for something like an DSLR but just smaller/more convenient and a little more capable than an iPhone, this might be the ticket. Otherwise I’d go with a quality Canon Prosumer camer or stick with the phone for convenience.


So are you looking to get more into photography? Did you choose this model primarily for the 4k capabilities? I ask because there are some pretty nice sony bundles out there that take the same quality photos, comes with better lenses, and they have better firmware support and way more accessories to choose from but 86 the 4k.


This is a gift for my wife. Basically to upgrade her iPhone family photos.


Yeah, if you’re set on the increased mobility of mirrorless definitely go for the Sony a6000 and just do the package with the base lens. It will be a little over 600 and there is already way more support (tutorials, firmware, accessories, you name it).


As long as this is something your wife wants, I’d say Sony definitely has more polish and a secure future.
However, I’ll also add the unasked for advice I usually give to friends or family that want my camera recommendations. “The best camera is the one you have with you.” (stole that from somewhere)

Basically unless going to use the SLR a lot, a camera phone – an iPhone 7plus or Google Pixel especially – is nearly as good as these and always with you. And there are quality lenses available (for the iphone at least) if you want some telephoto options.


This is an amazingly good point; I have a pretty fancy camera that doesn’t get near as much use as I’d like it to because honestly, lugging it around, worrying about it, and using it takes away from enjoying whatever it is you wanted to take a picture of in the first place. Just enjoy the moment, if needed snap a few pics with your phone.


Exactly. This is why I want something small and relatively inexpensive instead of a full out DSLR. This way she can just have it tucked away in the stroller or in her bag.