Any decent mods for ESO that aren't broken?



I’ve been looking for some decent, minimal, UI mods for ESO. A lot of what I’ve found have been outdated, which isn’t 100% fail, or broken, which is.

There are only about 5 in the Curse database that have been updated to the latest game build.


Not sure if you saw what I said in Discord.

The Curse / twitch app should sort by relevance. It should order things by Patch (of ESO), Date of Last Update (of the game) and then user interaction on that item. This is how it works for WoW at least, in regards to the UI request:


As I said in the OP, Curse’s database has 5 current version mods. The ESO mod database of choice seems to be through Minion and ESOUI. I found quite a lot of updates. They also have many mods that have been updated recently but that Curse lists a really old version for.

tl;dr for ESO mod management use Minion instead of Curse.


Ive been using minion to download and manage my add-ons… late to the thread i guess


+1 sir, I didn’t even know Minion was still around.

Super odd that Minion is up to date but curse isn’t…Seems like a place for strats to shine @Vocino!


I honestly didnt even know curse had any ESO addons. Been using Minion since day 1


I wonder if it was back when authors had some beef with curse and a ton of mod creators pulled their addons from Curse for some reason.


Zygor brought their guides back BTW, if you’re into that thing.


Here are the mods I’m currently using:

  • AI Research Grid
  • Grind Timer
  • Guild Invite
  • Lore Books
  • Skyshards
  • Sell Ornate Items
  • Slightly Improved Experience bar
  • Aura, Buff & Debuff Tracker (Srendarr)

cc @Zharick (asked in Discord)