Any interest for a Conan Exiles server?



I purchased Conan Exiles this morning. Played for about an hour. Maybe it’s because I am familiar with the game world (as opposed to dinos with lasers) but so far I prefer it over ARK. Although I will admit the game is very similar to ARK right now.

I might be interested in renting a server for Strats use. If you buy the Barbarian Edition there’s a nice incentive of 25% discount if you rent from Funcom’s preferred host.

Please post in this thread if you would be interested in playing on a Strats official Conan Exiles server. Right now I am uncertain if I would select PvE or PvP. I would like to research the benefits of PvE. It might be possible that NPCs will attack your base.


i’m definitely interested. was actually going to post the same thing. with my baby daughter about to be born, i probably shouldn’t commit to running a server at this point. but i fully support someone else doing it and will help out where i can, even financially.


As I mentioned in Discord chat, the server would likely be vanilla (no mods) and since I would use the hosting service I assume they would do all the work of updating. All I would have to do is pay them.

I’ve actually never rented a server so I just assume that’s how it works.




Im down for this! <3 Survival games!! Will check local prices to see if i can get it.


This is a totally different game from Ark, I bet if you look in the code you would find every reference to dinosaurs replaced with something else… Oh, they forgot to change some of the sound effects, I’m sure they’ll fix that before release though, don’t want any lawsuits. Seriously though, if I could afford it right now I’d buy it, looks freakin awesome


I would definitely be interested!


Right now there are at least 4 of you who have the game…

Why dont you all join the same server and have fun. Looks like you all are split :wink:


Count me in!


Who is this guy :poop:


I am thinking of picking this up, if I do I’d be down to play on your server.


i am new ignore me:D


So far in this thread, looks like we have 5+ with general interest and considering the game. That’s not bad numbers.


This will depend completely on the hosting service, but there will likely be a way on their server management page’s UI to click a button and have the latest update applied.


I think I am down. I would enjoy to play a game with some friends again.


if anyone have an extra key… Send it Vuvuzuelan way!


How do I get into the server?


Im interested. Ive been hanging out in the shadows waiting too long for Albion Online. Are you guys looking to do a PVP server, or a PVE server? I prefer PvP on survival games, as long as the server is not full