Any interest in a Strats Rec League?


I’d like to start up a competitive league playing custom games with teams made up of Strats members.

The question is, does anyone else have interest in such a thing? And if so, what game would we be playing? My first thought is Rainbow Six Siege as it would be really conducive to league play. But I don’t think many Strats members play Siege.

So, is anyone interested, or have any suggestions?

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That sounds awesome but also like a time commitment that may be difficult.

Either way, I’d love to help and to cheer for it.

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Bring back Worms!

Honestly, I’d be down for some friendly in-house competition. Overwatch and HOTS are probably both viable options as well.

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True, I didn’t think of HotS.
I did a couple of 3v3 matches on that game back in the day that were super fun.



Wait is this competition between ourselves or you want us to compete with other teams?



Well, I pictured creating a league of all strats members. But if such a league already exists then I suppose we could form a team.



There are casual leagues like After Hours Gaming League (which is for corporate teams). But yeah it would be awesome to set something up.

Either way, the way you build a team for external is with internal competition. So point still stands.

I imagine we would need something similar to the way the Overwatch League viewing progression posts are set up. Either that or we could use a 3rd party app. There’s probably something we can install on a server to manage it as well.


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