Any Raid Teams interested in a friendly competition?

Raid Teams,

Any interest in some friendly competition? Here are some ideas.

  1. VOG No Deaths - First team to do this gets to drive @Sw1shaaSweet off a cliff in a sparrow.

  2. VOG Speed Demons - Team with the fastest time after 4 runs gets all the glimmer in my vault.

  3. VOG No I In Team - Team to complete the raid with the least amount of people gets to melee @Sovereign in the face 5 times.

  4. VOG Newbie Run Run - Team to complete the raid with the most low level toon, gets an autographed .jpg of my Warlock.

@Brutonium @Enjoi @DrizztDo_Urden69 @NVS_1


Now how the hell did I get mixed in to this!? And for the record in soviet cosmodrome you dont punch titans, titans punch you😉


I’m down brother @SkullKontrol

Sounds fun haha

I guess raid group B is taking my level one titan through tonight…… I need that memorabilia.

Is it possiable to transfer glimmer?

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@tommy2118 lol no it’s a dumb joke

Lol. Sorry, I’m reading between briefings during a very dry seminar.

but wait can you really store glimmer in your vault?

No, it’s bound to your character

You can “store glimmer” by not turning in the glimmer turn ins to the cryptarch.

Wouldn’t mind getting in on this.

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Almighty then! I’ll put up some threads for us to make jokes and post times and rules.

I’m thinking for the speedrun, we just use the gentleman approach. Each team use a stop watch and start and stop the watch for breaks, and loot inspection, load in screens and we just post our times to the thread really just calculating game play time. It doesn’t have to be the next 4 runs but your best 4 runs between now and the DLC. I’d like to see weekly postings but up to you all.

Unless anyone wants to modify or clarify the ‘rules’ for speed runs I’ll post as a thread.

Edit I went ahead and posted

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