Any solid PvP players down for crucible? (PS4)

I’m not exactly sure if I’m following the rules correctly (so please inform me if I’m doing something wrong), but I didn’t see any PvP threads so I decided to make my own. I’m looking for good PvP players that can consistently do well, to play with in the crucible, even if it’s just one. As much as I love chill people and playing with my friends, I love chill friends who know how to aim even more, and I’m hoping I can make some here. I don’t want to be taken as pretentious or douchey, but I really just want a few players who know their way around a console FPS, don’t sprint at speeds exceeding mach 5 towards the enemy, and are consistent. I’m not the best player by far, but I’m pretty consistent when it comes to landing at the top of the leaderboard and eventually it’d be nice to have a team where everyone can land there and where we just cruise through the crucible.

SO. If you’re down, I’m a pretty chill dude who likes to put on his try-hard pants every now and then, and I’m just looking for similar minded people. If I were to put a number on it, a 1.7 k/d would be solid to have (or it’s what I’m looking for), especially since Destiny is more kill based than anything. And apologies if I do come off as a douche; I’m just looking for some good players.

My PSN is FreshGwaak



I don’t play every day, but feel free to hit me up. I generally stay above 1.5 k/d and generally fall more in the 2-2.5 range. I don’t like losing, but I laugh nonetheless :wink:

I don’t think I’m consistent enough yet to meet your standards but I’d love to learn a thing or two from you someday. I’m generally in the 1.25 area right now. That’s saying something since when I started with Destiny I didn’t do much controller fps work.

There are a few members here that are up there in k/d consistently though.

Hey thanks for responding! I’m not exactly sure how to find your PSN. I know there’s a list but I’m pretty new sooo… yeah. Help would be appreciated.

Hey, as long as you’re willing to take advice and practice that aim, I’m game (am I posting right? like, replying. I really have no idea what I’m doing). I’d be down to play if you’re interested. Again, dunno how to figure out PSNs. Cant find that darn list.

No worries, you are doing it right heh.

There’s a couple PSN swap threads. I’m on mobile or I’d link it. A search should bring it up.

You and I will never group together then. :frowning:

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My k.d. it’s normally a 2. I love the PvP and would lie to get some groups going. Great thread!

I normally do pretty well. If I’m doing really well that day, I’m usually between a 3.0 and 12.0. If I’m not doing well, I usually am still around a 1.25, and tend to get a lot of postmortem kills around then. I usually thrive around Rumble, Clash and Skirmish, with Control being my least favorite, but I can defend like a mofo most of the time.

I’m DanceBurgerDance on PSN as well. Add me and we’ll get it going. I’m down for some tonight for sure.

Awesome. Sorry, was away the last two days, but I’ll definitely see if we can get a group going tonight with all solid players. Would be fun.

I’ve done a few organized PVP games and they were a lot more fun than just pubbin’ it.

With a hardwire connection I am pretty solid, easily 1.5+ on avg. (mainly control), Skirmish fluctuates a bit more, and salvage is somewhere in between.

Add me to the list and feel free to invite if you need another:


Hey, psn: Mooyer01
k/d is I think slightly above 2.0
Almost every game I have a k/d above 1.7
Play almost everyday, you can always inv me

Now that the good players have moved on to Advanced Warfare, I’m starting to pull some 2.0 k/d

Looks like I’m finally ready for this team… one month later.