Any strats play wow?



Just wondering if any fellow strats play wow. I’ve got back into it with some buddies but if any strats play it might be a place to get some groups together for raiding :slight_smile:


I’m on Llane (Alliance and 1 Horde) and Earthen Ring (all Horde), mostly Llane lately. The guild I have been playing with on Llane is doing raids at level with gear/enchants/pots/etc at level (restricted to the expansion) We are wroking our way through BWL and have Molten core on Farm right now.


I have may toons on Uther…so many so i had to make new ones on Runetotem. All Horde toons…been in the same guild for over 5 years but havent played in about 8 months…just recently re-upped and havent played much…plan on getting the new Expansion in august though!


I play. I have some toons on Lightbringer (Alliance) and Hyjal (Horde). I was raiding mythic during Highmaul, but real life came up. I’m always down to do some casual raiding though.


Played, undecided on legion. Will likely say I am never touching another blizzard game again and buy it 3 months after release.

All Horde, raided pretty seriously back in Wrath. Not so much after.

So many free to play games offered more entertainment cheaper and I fell out of the game.


Right now I’ve got a 100 gobo dk on wymrest accord and leveling a druid healer and an alliance toon to play with my buddies but wow is so big there’s too much to do and I’m new to the point idk what I’m doing.

Anyone have any ways to get higher than 640 gear, and how to get gold?


If history is any indicator… :wink: