Any suggestions on a good Steering Wheel for PC?



Just bought Project Cars since it now has Vive support and I want to be FULLY immersed :smile:. Does anyone have one? If you do do you like it? What model? Is there any you suggest to get instead? I think I would spend up to $150 on one so anything in that price range will do. I found some on Amazon but none that I really liked. If there is one that has PC and PS4 support that would be best.


I as well am interested in this topic


This bad boy won’t do you wrong…


Dont own it, but the thrustmaster wheels (t300 & t500) are pretty highly regarded. Couple guys i used to race with recommended them; they suggested getting the 3-pedal kit if you are serious.

Also the logitech g920 has solid following. You can also look for a used g27, which is regarded as one of the best wheels out there.

They are all also PS4 compatible so win/win there.

When you are ready to go pro, this is your go to setup: