Any thoughts on the Tritton Kaiken?


I’m staring at this mono headset for the PS4 - I don’t really care about the features because I just want a replacement mic for the lousy thing that came with my console.

I mean, it’s under $35 - and it’s a Tritton. Does anyone here have it? The only bad reviews I read were that it broke on them after two months, the other after a month.

Is Tritton like the Beats by Dr. Dre of gaming headphones? I’ve only had Turtle Beaches and I never broke that. But then again, I like the look of this one better than Turtle Beach’s mono headsets.


-whispers- Get these. The PlayStation Silver headset.

They’re only $27.95 right now on Amazon!

Best stream donation money ever spent. I use these babies for everything.


I’ve had Trittons on the Xbox 360 before. Build quality was better than turtle beach but ultimately I went with turtle beach because the sound quality was so much better. However, this was before Tritton was bought by Madcatz. I’m not a huge fan of Madcatz either, so I would assume that the build quality probably has not improved.


I’ve had a set of more expensive trittons and I really didn’t like them at all. But for that price it doesn’t really matter as long as it works.


Well, looks like it’s Turtle Beaches for me again. Good thing too, because the P4Cs are cheaper than these cans.