Anyone around here?


wanna get down and grind D2 for a bit ?


I ended up not picking up Destiny 2 for PS4. Originally I was going to grab both but I’m just waiting for the PC release.


but the wait though :confused:


Seriously. It’s so hard. I just don’t have time to maintain two characters though. I wish it worked like Fortnite.


lol cross platform play would have been nice.


I just want progression to be cross platform.


I can understand not maintaining multiple characters cross-platform. However, it looks like Destiny 2 is making it extremely easy to level and gear up characters beyond your first.

When the game rolls engrams for your gear, it seems to take into account all your gear across all characters. Some streamers have been leveling up alternate characters in half the time it took to originally complete the game because they are receiving higher level gear much faster.


Yeah but that’s not cross platform.


And that will never happen as long as Sony is paying Bungie the BigBux. Your PS4 achievements in Destiny 1 won’t even be recognized on the PC version.


I agree. That’s what I was saying. That’s why I won’t be playing on both platforms. I can only maintain one progression.


im working on my 2nd character trying to get over that 260-270 hump


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