Anyone else Dawn of War III Beta next weekend?



It’s looking pretty good to me. Guessing this is more a promo than a beta but may iron out some last minute multiplayer kinks.



#Base-building is back!
I’ll likely be back when this game launches (might not even wait for the Steam Summer Sale; I loved the shit out of the original, but the removal of base-building left me completely disinterested in DOW2). I don’t have time to commit to the open beta, I suspect, given how this week is going, but I’m officially pumped for this game; hopefully the open beta is well-received so I can throw my money at the screen :wink:

Too bad there’s no Chaos yet; man do I want them added quickly.


I’ve played a ton of Dawn of War and III looks really good. I even got a bit into IRL tabletop 40K when I was in London since the main Games Workshop (now just called Warhammer Store) is there.

The universe and lore is pretty cool in that grim dark kind of way.

I did dig the base building but the non-base build games were actually not bad.