Anyone else playing WoW for a few weeks after legion hits?



Wife and I bought in and are thinking about raiding.

We don’t really want to play much past the first month and i just was wondering if anyone here was in the same boat.

Hit up the reply button if you are only planning to stay the month and are looking for other stratties to play with!


For a second I thought you meant “World of Warcraft” but that can’t possibly be true.


Alliance. I’d do some raiding friday-saturday.


So Close!

We have all our characters on Horde.

I don’t get it, I’ve been talking about it for a while and posting pictures in addition to the thread being tagged with WoW. Am I missing a joke?


Yah idk. Myself @Wayward @W1thl0v3 @Xaelyn are playing alliance on Thrall for the xpac.


You guys all have maxed characters?


On thrall yes. One or all of us may or may not have used their level 100 boost.


We also now have a Strats Co guild on Thrall :wink:


You guys are going to convince me.


You should do it.


It’s the titanic of time sinks.


@Vocino yes yes yes!


i’m in. i have a bunch of 100’s all geared up and ready to go.

if you’re thinking of returning and worried about not having a max character, the Legion Invasions event that’s going on is a quick way to get to level 100 and gear up. I just went from level 33-60 on my hunter in about an hour.


I don’t have the time, yet the more I see that I’m possibly missing out on fun times, the more I’m tempted to buy the xpac and renew my sub.

The problem is I’ll then play only an hour or two, pay for the sub for a few months before cancelling (which is close to $20/mo up these parts), and then possibly regret everything.


Wife did this as well, if you are looking to return


The invasions are done after the release next week.


I boosted my Shaman up to 100 and I’m loving it. Thinking about working with a warrior or paladin next but, since I’m still pretty new to WoW, it’s been fun dooting around Azeroth with my little Shaman Draenai! :slight_smile:


I’m down!

Horde side, server doesn’t really matter anymore does it?

Got like 7 or 8 geared 100s thanks to the Invasions. :smile:

It’s great because my girlfriend is really into this expansion so far I guess we will see what the future holds.




Presumably :wink:


Me, Laoria, and our friend, are alliance on Proudmoore. We’ve been there for years though (too much invested to transfer). Hopefully we can all still run a dungeon or raid together sometime.